12 Futuristic Gadgets Straight You Didn’t Know Existed

Every day we see devices and gadgets that are as incredible as they are surprising. These useful pieces of technology make our lives easier. At the same time, they show how far we have come. These and many similar feats of science are now up for grabs in the market!


This electrical gadget by PreVue comes with a screen that can be attached to your baby bump using a soft belt. The screen is fitted with ultrasonic sensors that allow you to watch you baby move around inside the womb. The parents can see their babies grow and move, even before birth!


Thync is a device that borders on pure ingenuity. It uses electrical impulses to relieve stress and relax the brain. This device comes with various settings, some of which are ‘motivation,’ ‘zen,’ ‘deep sleep,’ and ‘bliss.’


This facemask saves you the hassle of applying face masks on your skin. It comes with LED lights fitted on the inside that is designed to fight off harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation.


Losing the keys to your car or your apartment is a common thing, and most of us have experienced the agony of losing them. Now with this ingenious tile, you can call your lost keys, or if you tie the tile to your dog’s collar, you can also call your beloved pet. Using your smartphone to call your lost belongings will surely be a relief!


Sometimes, while we’re at parties, we tend to have a bit too much of alcohol. And it’s not very practical to pull out a breathalyzer while you’re out for the night. Without any detection, you’re bound to get a bit too drunk for your good. Milo Sensors have come up with a wearable wristband that detects the amount of alcohol in the body and tells you exactly when you’ve had too much.


Motiv has come up with a fitness-tracking ring, much like a FitBit watch. This ring comes with functions to track sleep, fitness, sleep, and even calories. It has a built-in heart rate sensor and a battery life of about three to five days!


If you meet a pilot, just ask them their biggest problem while flying and you’ll get the same answer every time – birds! Airports need to keep their flying zones clear of birds to allow airplanes to land safely. Clear Flight Solutions have come up with this genius idea of creating a robotic bird that looks and flies exactly like a real predator bird. It mimics a raptor and scares the birds away before the airplane is landing.


The company GloToSleep have come up with this device, which they claim is a solution to all your sleep problems. The LEDs fitted in the mask emit a glowing light that is similar to sun rays at sunset. And the LEDs glow blue when you’re waking up to resemble the sunrise.


This young Mexican created a smart bra after his mother almost lost her life due to a wrong diagnosis of her cancer. EVA comes equipped with sensors to monitor the temperature and weight of the breasts. The changes show the amount of blood flowing into the breasts and can be used as a warning sign of possible breast cancer.

 survival.com amazon.com

This syringe-like device can be used to suck out the poison from snakebite, bee sting and other such injuries. If you’re far away from a hospital, this is your perfect survival kit. It removes most of the poison and decreases the chances of severe damage.


A group of students from the National University of Singapore has created this Touch-Hear text recognition system that can be used as a handy dictionary. It has two parts, a scanner attached to your fingertip that reads the words and a hearing aid inside the ear that comes with a speaker. When you hover your finger over a word, you can hear the meaning of the word.


The Cicret company has come up with this bracelet that can turn your arm into a touchscreen. Complete with a mini-projector and sensors the screen of your handheld device is projected on your forearm where you can use it exactly as if you use your smartphones.


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