15 Times When Emma Watson Gave Us A Glimpse Of Her Flawless Look

Can you handle them all?

Emma Watson is one of the actresses who is currently ruling Hollywood. She knows that she is beautiful and talented and that’s why charges a huge sum of money. She has been the part of one of the biggest movie franchises, Harry Potter, but it is not only the most significant project that she has done in her career. Emma has landed many great roles in movies like This Is the End, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Noah.

Other than films she has been the part of several modeling projects because of her beauty. And, due to all these, she is very popular on social media platforms and among teens. The 27-year-old actress has been active in the industry for more than 17 years now. So, it is obvious that she might have flaunted her amazing figure in front of the world. Here we have gathered some of those pictures, and I am sure you will fall more in love with her beauty.

1. Rocking the red carpet.

Emma is known for turning heads wherever she goes, and she did the same thing on the red carpet of Elle Style Awards in 2011. She was looking absolutely stunning.

2. All eyes on her.

This is how Emma Watson arrived on the red carpet of Met Gala 2010.

3. Black color looks amazing on her.

She has shown the world that she is not afraid of showing her skin, and this boldness of her made me a fan.

4. Caught by paparazzi.

A writer cannot just complete a story on an actress’ beautiful pictures without including one by paparazzi. No matter how much celebrities hate them, we cannot deny that sometimes they capture attractive pictures.

5. Breaking hearts with dark eyeliner.

The dark red lipstick and eyeliner are more than enough for Emma because she looks irresistible with them.

6. Relaxed.

No matter whether she is on the red carpet or relaxing, she looks amazing every time.

7. Time to go for shopping.

Emma Watson is not just attractive and talented, but she is also a charitable celeb.

8. Let’s go for a run.

I think Emma was in some sort of hurry here because she forgot about her dress that it is not in the perfect position.

9. Caught after some exercise.

She is just drop dead gorgeous and prefers to do things according to her.

10. Beauty at its best.

Emma rocked the photo shoot with GQ magazine with her flawless beauty. She looks just an angel in this picture.

11. Another red carpet look.

People came to watch Noah at its premiere, but things changed when they saw Emma Watson on the red carpet.

12. On the set of a movie.

Well, this picture is not from an event or any other place where she went, but it is from the sets of The Bling Ring.

13. Short hair look is also perfect.

Many celebs have tried the short hair look, but only a few of them have been able to look perfect, and Emma Watson is one of them.

14. The badass look of Emma.

Now, that is something of a thug look, and Emma looked brilliant in it.

15. Elegance at its best.

There is undoubtedly something beautiful in her that she has made millions of fans all over the world, and if you are one of them, then hit the share button. 🙂


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