16 Hilariously Epic Fails From People Who Had Only One Job

Sometimes, however hard people try to do their best, something just goes wrong.

Today Bright Side gives you a whole set of such wonderful examples of epic and hilarious cases.

The end of the line.

A water park in your backyard.

What kind of art is this?

A door to a parallel world.

Here’s where my brain went “boom.”

An extreme slide.

Lions seem to be doomed.

Well, at least there’s a roof.

So what are their names again?

Just a near miss. That’s all.

When you’re still in doubt.

A medieval moat in a modern yard. Anything to make everyone’s life better.

You shall not pass!

Something’s fishy here.

Make yourself comfortable.

Sour, I guess.

Preview photo credit imgur/justaperson743720th Century Fox Animation


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