17 Must-Have Qualities You Should Find in Your Partner

One of the major decisions you take in your life is choosing who your future partner may be. Other things, like choosing friends, job or even the apartment you’ll live in are, well if you see the big picture, minor decisions in life. When this main decision is taken, the rest will be done together like sleeping with the same person every day, eating food together and loving each other, even when you’re all wrinkly and old. That won’t affect your partner and the love between you and you partner will be eternal.


Love is never easy. You have to face a lot of difficulties in life. E.g. moving into a new house, losing your job or facing any other tragedy. There will be hard times, but it’s important to have someone who will make the path of life easier for you by making you smile. Life is stressful and you’re lucky if you have someone that makes you laugh when you need to the most. Everything then seems easy to take care of. He should be your stress reliever who you can talk to and he’ll fix up your mood at the right times.

Not being deceitful

When you’re choosing your partner, other things like “does he really like me?” or “Why isn’t he texting me first?” don’t matter at all. These are just minor things. Serious questions are whether he’ll stay forever? Will he always stay like he is right now? Your perfect match will risk anything for you, to get you.

You’re both best friends

You know what the best part is in a relationship? When you’re done being shy and you can be all goofy around him/her. You can be yourself like wearing pajamas, eating with a mouth full and not worry about your partner judging you. There are times when you want to talk to someone as a friend and not a life partner. Having a strong friendship with your partner is something we all wish for and deserve too.

Can rely on your partner

When you’re choosing your life partner, you should be sure if he’s reliable or not. Will he be doing things he said he would? Or will he be spending time with their friends and forget about their promises. Reliability is very important. A trustworthy partner will never let you feel down, or make you question your ability to do something. If your partner won’t be doing as he said, you’ll have to suffer and do everything yourself.

Romantic gestures

We know that every day isn’t Valentine’s Day but some romantic gestures won’t hurt anybody but in fact, will make the other person feel good. A bunch of your favorite flowers or a nice date with your loved one. A kiss on the cheek can be stressed relieving sometimes. Try having some some good time with them like going to the movies, making food together or taking pictures. This will all be adding up on your memories with your loved one which you will love to see and recall after getting hitched to the same person in the future.

Sexual allure

Your partner will be attracted to you in many ways; physically, mentally, emotionally etc. Mostly the love starts with sex. It’s the main force that brings the couple close. It makes you more comfortable with your better half which means you won’t feel weird. There will not be any awkwardness and as you’ve even seen in movies, couples pee in front of each other, eat many pizza slices and laughing on the lamest jokes ever. It keeps the spark alive and keeps the couple fall more in love every time.

Always wanting to have fun

Some things are very annoying, but you have to do them anyway, e.g., going shopping to Ikea. It can be very irritating, but if you have the perfect partner with you, it can turn your most boring trips into fun and exciting adventures which you would like to recall in the future and laugh about them. This is very important for a healthy relationship as it makes the other partner feel really attracted to them. Even after marriage, you know that nothing will be boring if you have that person with you. It’ll just be an addiction to the great memories you both have.

Common interests

The best thing one should look for in their partner is similarity between the two. Even after research, we get to know that we’re attracted to the people we share similar taste with. No matter in what so ever topic you both are in between, how many kids you both wish to have, which pet you like the most or even that you would like to have a big bowl of your favorite soup right now. As long as you’re doing a mutual interest thing with your favorite person, everything seems so perfect. It can help you have a solid ground for what you wish to have in future with your partner.

Your family loves your partner and vice versa

No matter what happens, your family will always be there for you. They’re the ones who’ll always have your back. They know when the person isn’t right for you. If they like your partner, you’ve chosen the right person to be your life time partner. How awesome will it be when you see your family going along so well with your partner and you hear the wedding bells. If your family is happy with your partner, you know everything will be great in future and you can spend rest of your life, with the one you love, in peace.

Hardworking personality

A person with the hardworking personality is the sexiest of all. When someone is willing to work a few extra hours to impress the manager and not going to the pub to a party is the one who has some goals set and knows how to make his/her future successful. This satisfies you because you are aware that the person, in the future, won’t be sitting at home, doing nothing and will help you built a home. He’ll be helping you in every difficult time in your life and play his role very well.

They will give you alone time

Everyone likes to spend time with their family and friends `and you should too. But giving alone time to your partner is very important too. It makes your relationship much stronger, and understanding increases too. You get to talk about things you can’t in front of anyone else. There will be no one stopping you at that time which means you can take it all out and talk openly with your partner. This makes the connection between the two of you more strong which is very important for every relationship and for it to last long.

They like you a lot

For loving you, really liking a person is very important too. This means that they should like you even when you’re having mood swings, you get angry for no reason and even when you’re on fault and you’re not admitting it. Even when you don’t want to listen to what happened in their office today and would rather watch your favorite TV show. They should like you in all situations and accept you how you are.

Make up after a quarrel

Being in love doesn’t only mean kissing, hugging, cuddles, etc. You’ll be getting into arguments too and sometimes serious ones. The main thing is to finish it and to make things all okay again as nothing happened in the first place. If they can do this easily, it’s great because your quarrels won’t be lasting for a long time. And if the partner doesn’t take any interest in resolving the issue or drags an argument, he might not be the one because it’s obvious, it won’t be a long lasting relationship.


If your partner is serious with you, he’ll understand the importance of speaking the truth. Dishonesty can lead to many complications in love and can lead to both partners going separate ways. It can also give a hint to the other person whether he’s really committed or not. In an argument or any up down, you should know when you should be angry and also when you’re on fault. Likewise, everything coming out of the mouth should be the truth. Communication is very important for a successful love story with a happy conclusion.

Interest in what’s happening in your life

They take full interest in what you’re saying and remember the slightest things. They won’t cut you when you’re talking and will listen to everything like how much you dislike your colleague or how much you want that bag. They may surprise you with what you wanted the most and couldn’t afford to buy. This type of interest and consideration will make your love so strong that it’ll be difficult to make you both apart from each other.

Capability of future planning

If his future plans include you in them, he’s the one. Whether it’s marrying you in 2 years or moving in together after a few years, it’s a very romantic as well as a noticeable thing that proves he’s serious about being with you forever. He’ll make plans about the smallest things too like going to some amusement park or some concert. He wants you with him in every event or place he goes too. He will be making plans with you only if he’s sure about his future and knows that he’ll be able to give you everything he’s promising about.


It can be keeping secrets or telling something you’ve never told anyone before; it’s just about trust and them not breaking it. You obviously can’t trust everyone but if you trust someone so much, make sure to keep them in your lives forever. And for sure if they love you and want you to be in their lives, they’ll never break it. They won’t have any such intensions like breaking your faith In them and and doing anything bad to you.


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