17 Rare Birthmarks That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

One of the wonderful things about being human is that we are all completely unique. Sure, there’s some people out there with shockingly similar doppelgängers, but, generally speaking, no two people are the same – well, apart from identical twins.

In the modern world, people celebrate their uniqueness in a variety of ways. Whether that involves changing their body with a tattoo or embracing what nature gave them, and the latter is particularly true for people with rare birthmarks.

1. Connie’s Clown Nose

At the age of just four-weeks-old, Connie’s nose resembled that of a clown’s because of a very rare birthmark. This concerned her parents because it was also growing internally, so she had a three-and-a-half hour operation to have it removed.

2. This boy’s white stripe

I’m sure that it’ll come as a surprise to many people to learn that birthmarks also extend to a person’s hair. Personally, I think that this kid really suits his birthmark – he looks like a little superhero with his white flash!

3. Cassandra Naud’s facial birthmark

Professional dancer Cassandra Naud loves her unique facial birthmark and is glad that her parents chose not to have it removed when she was a child. As far as she’s concerned, it makes her stand out and has said this has helped her career.

4. Li Xiaoyuan’s Grey Hair

Li Xiaoyaun’s grey hair started out as a small birthmark on her back that grew over time. Sadly, it has resulted in her being bullied because of her unique appearance, with people calling her “Cat Girl”.

You’re probably thinking that Li Xiaoyuan’s birthmark is a one-off, and whilst having hair birthmarks is rare, she’s not the only person in the world to find herself with a lot more hair than your Average Joe…

5. Zhang Hongming’s werewolf birthmark

Zhang Hongming’s incredibly unusual birthmark had him resemble a mythological animal – the werewolf. This condition is known as congenital pigmented nevus, and it is extremely rare.

6. This cow’s cross

But it’s not just us humans who can get birthmarks, animals can too! This calf was clearly blessed at birth, and now flaunts the religious cross shaped mark upon its forehead…

7. Turtle boy

This young boy from Columbia ended up becoming known as “Turtle Boy” because of the large birthmark on his back. It was caused by congenital melanocytic nevus. Thankfully, he’s now had it removed, and he looks a lot happier!

8. An Qi’s Face

As was the case for others on this list, An Qi’s birthmark on his face grew as he did. But thankfully, he is not going to be ailed by it for much longer as a plastic surgeon has agreed to remove it free of charge.

Birthmarks themselves are relatively common, and it’s more than likely that you have one yourself. Contrary to the popular myth, birthmarks are not caused by the negligence of a mother during pregnancy, they’re just a biological quirk!

9. Mneneon’s arm map

Imgur user Mneneon decided to show off his unusual “port wine stain” birthmark. To emphasise how much it looks like a map, he outlined it with a pen, and people told him that it looked so good he should have it tattooed.

10. George Ashman’s face

Born with a large red birthmark on his face, George’s mom was frightened about him getting bullied later in life, so she took drastic action to have it removed, allowing doctors to stretch his skin so that it could be successfully cut away.

You can see his incredible transformation in the following three photographs.

The result of George’s horns is incredible…

11. Poppy-Rae’s heart

Amazingly, Poppy-Rae was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on her face, but even more incredibly she was conceived on Valentine’s Day. Her parents are embracing her unusual birthmark instead of having it removed.

12. This cat’s birthmark is itself…

When people decide what animal to have as a pet, their markings often influence their choice, but it’s unlikely that this cat’s cat-shaped birthmark would have been as noticeable when it was just a kitten.

Many people with birthmarks decide to incorporate them into their bodies by having them tattooed. I think that this a great way of embracing this natural quirk and making it your own. I have a scar on my leg that I’d like to do the same thing to!

13. This woman’s dinosaur birthmark

Thankfully, not all rare birthmarks have debilitating consequences for the people who get them. This woman ended up becoming a social media sensation after she posted a picture of her dinosaur-shaped birthmark online.

14. This heart-shaped hair birthmark

Not only is this birthmark incredibly unusual looking, but it’s hidden so there’s no way that it will ever interfere with this woman’s life. I bet she enjoys showing people it at parties. It’s certainly an unusual talking point.

15. This mom and baby’s matching birthmarks

The chances of a mom and baby ending up with exactly the same birthmark are extremely, extremely slim. This will bond this mom and baby long into the future; whenever they look at their birthmark, they’ll be reminded of each other!

16. A heart in an eye…

We’ve seen birthmarks on skin and birthmarks in hair, but there are people out there who even have birthmarks in their eyes. This woman definitely got lucky – not only are her eyes a beautiful hazel-brown, but there is a little heart in one of them too.

17. Hamilton the hipster cat

This cat’s birthmark left him with what his owner described as a hipster moustache. His unusual appearance has made him a social media sensation, and it’s easy to see why. Hamilton the hipster cat looks like an eighteenth century gentleman!

Regardless of whether or not you’ve got a birthmark, there’s no denying that these rare birthmarks are impressive. Nature has a funny way of making us all unique, and thanks to modern medicine, if it’s not to our liking we can change it!


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