18 Hilariously Dumb Outfits That You Can Buy On The Internet

Strangest clothes in the world.

People are running behind innovation to make their space felt in every other industry. Especially in the fashion industry, as one correct move can land fashion designers closer to famous people and A-list celebrities.

The fashion designers often make some blunt decisions to design a costume which could make them stand out from the crowd. For this, they create unique and different costume designs that at times remain impractical to wear on a regular basis but are attractive enough to turn the heads.

However, sometimes their creativity takes a toll, and these designers let their imagination run free which results in a blast on fashion ramp but becomes a laughter riot for the unfamiliar public.

Keeping this in mind, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of some hilariously dumb outfits that found their way on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

Have a look!

A cuddly piece of clothing.

Was it designed when designers were hugging each other? I mean, look at the model; even he looks like “WTF did they do?”

High heels.

Who wears them!

Cross-breed of boot and sandals.

These are designed for people who don’t know which terrain lies ahead of them. Though it works like a sandal, it can also provide them ankle support when needed.

Oversized jumpsuit

Looks as if someone is wearing a long jeans fabric.

It is called cold shoulder jacket, but why?

I want to meet the designer of this to congratulate him. *sarcasm*

Now this, detachable jeans.

If not anyone, then at least Miley Cyrus would wear these.

What do you think about this?

In case you’re buying these, just make sure you wear a long t-shirt and underwear.

Boot sandals for cowboys.

So that no dog can ever bite?

Lace costume for men.

If women wearing lace is okay, then why not men? Well, here is the answer!

Summer pieces of denim.

Denim jackets are ageless, and everyone loves them. But it seems no one likes them more than this fashion designer here.

Skirt and jeans combo.

It could come handy to people who work in a bee farm. Just a thought, what do you think?

‘Muddy’ jeans.

Don’t just wear it to your office or you’ll be fired!

I couldn’t figure it out why these are called mom jeans?

They must’ve designed this to make normal women feel bad about their bodies.

And these for Rihanna

Well, you don’t need to buy this dress from outside. Just take any of your jeans, cut it off from the center and then put suspender on it.

Off shoulder wrap shirt.

You know what’s making me laugh and call its designer dumb? Well, poor girl cannot use her hands anymore.

Strapless crop top with belt.

In case you haven’t got any buttons on your shirt and it’s your favorite, you could wear it like this.

Wrap jumpsuit.

You know why she turned around? Because she’s embarrassed to be seen in it.

T-shirt with contrast bra.

Last night when I slept, I knew women wear this under their clothes. Has the trend changed overnight?

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That’s all, folks!


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