5 Things You Should Not Do This Independence Day!

Pakistan is going to complete its 70 years on the face of earth and we all are very excited for another Jashn e Azadi. Why shouldn’t we! August is here, and all the patriots whether seasonal, social media or the actual ones are energetically excited for another Independence day.

All the youth of Pakistan are planning to show case their fanaticism, enthusiasm, and excitement on the roads this 14th August ignoring this fact that their celebrations aren’t acceptable. They are risky, irritating and annoying. Yes, they are.

Let us all take care of certain things and try not to attempt this Independence Day.


Yes, we realize that all of you are energized for 14 August, and all the youngsters want to carry the flag in their hands and want to lift their bikes in the air while riding them. This is madly risky  folks! Let’s  restrain us from this attempt. Try not to put yours and other’s precious lives in danger for your immature desires.


We all know what kind of dangerous act is this and what outcomes does it bring. Your and other’s valuable lives are important more than to celebrate like this. So do not attempt this foolish act.


A very common practice that is seen during the night of 13th August.  We know how energized you are and how you can’t simply express your feelings on all those national songs being played on TV, on roads and in cars but please don’t create hindrance for others during your celebrations. Refrain yourself to block roads that are common to certain ways. Gather somewhere in ground or a public park and celebrate as much as you can.


On the night of 13th August around 12 am to celebrate the creation of Pakistan, some naughty boys and youngsters blow fire crackers ignoring the fact that how much noise does this little annoying creature create! Instead of exploding such things in your streets, gather a group of friends and go to a place, a park may be or a ground where you can have fun with these without taking care of others.


It does sound strange but believe me don’t try do as such. As Independence Day is falling on Monday so there is a long weekend and people make plan to visit Murree keeping in mind the burning heat and holidays. But, but it would be a disaster! Murree gets all blocked all the Pindi youngsters occupy the Mall Road, roads get blocked, traffic is jammed and it would be a calamity! So stay at your homes and enjoy your 14 August.

Keep in mind, these minor things that you can do and take care of others.

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