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    This Woman Made A Huge Sign After Her Bike Was Stolen—The Responses Were So Heartwarming

    Most people have had something stolen at one point or another. You feel violated, angry and sometimes maybe a little annoyed that you weren’t more careful. When Brooklynite Amanda Needham’s bike was stolen she decided to channel that anger—in the form of a very large cardboard sign.

    She recently wrote about this experience in an essay for the Washington Post (which you should definitely go read).

    She says she crafted an 8-by-3 foot sign using yellow paint that read:

    “To the person who stole my bicycle. I hope you need it more than I do. It was $200 used, and I need it to get to work. I can’t afford another one. Next time, steal a hipster’s Peugeot. Or not steal! PS: Bring it back.”

    The original bike never came back. But what followed was a testament to universal human kindness, regardless of race, age or gender. In a time where we’re always reading bad news, it’s nice that Needham was able to share a truly good news story with us all!

    A few days after she hung the sign, two young African-American men appeared at her door with a blue bike made for a teenager. The man said he had a bike stolen once so he wanted to give her his spare bike. It didn’t quite fit her but she kept it, touched by their willingness to reach out to a total stranger.

    Her husband suggested taking the sign down, but Needham insisted on leaving it up for a week. A few days later, a middle-aged Hispanic woman stopped by to ask her what kind of bike it was. Though the woman didn’t know much about bikes, she told Needham if she found one she would bring it to her.

    A few minutes later, an older gentleman rang the bell. He was an art dealer by the name of Steve Powers. He offered to buy the sign for the exact price of $200. Powers had posted a photo of the sign on Instagram and soon enough a British antiques dealer named Robert Young offered to buy the sign and split the cost with Powers.

    She gladly accepted the offer. There was only one thing still bugging her: she still had the blue teen bike. She posted a photo of it on Instagram, calling it #karmacycle and handed it over to local bike shop Court Bikes so they could spruce it up and give it to someone who actually needs it.

    “I was also part of a wave of goodness that felt beautiful and real and inspiring. I realized I didn’t want it to just stop with me,” Needham wrote in the Washington Post.


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    Talk about paying it forward. If you want to check out the #KarmaCycle hashtag, head over to Twitter and Instagram!


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    Scott Eastwood Joins Fast and Furious 8 Cast, Posts Touching Tribute to Paul Walker

    Charlize Theron won’t be the only Fast and Furious 8 newcomer—Scott Eastwood has signed on for the next installment of the franchise, too.

    On Monday, the 30-year-old actor confirmed the casting news on Instagram and posted a touching tribute to Paul Walker.

    “It’s hard to put into words how excited I am for the next Fast & Furious,” Scott began. “To me, the series is so much more than just a franchise. It’s a legacy. These great actors who have been in it together for so long have become a family. I absolutely can’t wait to join it.”

    PHOTOS: Paul Walker: A Life in Pictures

    Clint Eastwood’s son couldn’t “say too much” about his role, “but I get to play a new character who operates under Kurt Russell in the movie, which is incredible, because Kurt was a total childhood hero of mine growing up,” he wrote. “Very much looking forward to learning a thing or two from such an original and cool guy.”

    Here’s where you might need the tissues: Scott feels the Fast family’s ever-present loss on a personal level. “Paul was a close friend of mine,” he wrote. “We surfed together, traveled together, and he was a huge role model and influencing figure in my life when I was younger. He still is. He was an older brother to me. For me to be able to add to the F&F story, Paul’s story, and the FAST family is like a dream come true.”

    NEWS: Vin Diesel Confirms New Fast and Furious Trilogy and Reveals Release Dates

    Scott went on to thank the filmmakers behind Fast and Furious 8 as well as Vin Diesel “for the support and the insight.” He concluded by directly addressing his late friend, writing simply, “Paul – I am going to make you proud.”

    (E! and Universal Pictures are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

    Below, watch Vin Diesel’s emotional tribute to Paul Walker from the PCAs.


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    Tyrese surprises Vin Diesel with birthday gift

    It is great when the Vin Diesel birthday surprise by Tyrese Gibson comes to our eyes, we are always enjoying the big surprises and this is one of them. Seeing two colleges working with each other and becoming more than two actors that were in the same movie, more like brothers, this is when the magic happens. Who doesn’t like to have a birthday surprise that is going to top all the ones that came before that? Or making the biggest party that you have ever had? Nobody is going to say that they don’t want it and Vin Diesel likes surprises too.
    The main guy Tyrese is going to make the Vin Diesel birthday surprise better and richer than ever. Tyrese was talking about the van that he has and how Vin Diesel was asking sometimes if the was using it, just to complete some choir around the house. That’s why the day has come when Vin Diesel is going to get his own sprinter and it is going to be a birthday surprise. All of the gearheads will agree that Tyrese could have gone better in the choice of the van but who are we to judge, this is what Vin Diesel had in its mind and now this is what he is going to get.


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    Here is the list of famous women who have dated Vin Diesel, listed by most recent with photos when available.

    If you’re wondering “Who has Vin Diesel dated?” then you’ve come to the right place.

    Fans will also be interested in funny similarities between Vin Diesel and Teddy Roosevelt and reasons why xXx: Return of Xander Cage is an awesome sequel.

    This list features Vin Diesel’s ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what their profession is.

    These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they’re all women that Vin Diesel has either dated or canoodled with.

    It’s not hard to get jealous of these women that Vin Diesel has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.










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    How Things Look Like From A Woman’s Point Of View (41 Pictures)

    Men, Women, Dogs, Cats Every Living Thing On This Planet Life Is Different From Everyone’s Point Of View. But It Is Much Better From That Of A Woman’s. Right Men? Here Are 41 Pictures To Make You Understand How Things Look Like From A Woman’s Point Of View! Let Us Enjoy 😉

    That’s all folks. So.. How was the tour? Did you enjoy life from a woman’s point of view? If yes don’t forget to read our other articles. It’s a round round world. But it’s better from a woman’s point of view. Isn’t It? Thank you. Hope you visit us again 😉


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    11 Babies Who Look Like World-Famous Celebrities

    As is goes around, kids look nearly exact copy of their parents, either one of them or both of them. But that can be different too, I mean the story of child to be copy of his/her parents can’t be true sometimes. Furthermore, while we are looking at the pictures of some adorable kids on internet, we all can clearly see how much they resemble some of the famous celebrities. Celebrities we follow and the ones we see on internet or somewhere, but some kids resemble them, those stars that we so admire, and those infants, they nearly look just like them, but in the past or even now.
    Today I am going to show you some of the incredible babies around the world, they resemble with some of our favorite artist. The list given below are the star like kids that are not stars in real, but they look like star, but they are not stars and yet they look like some of the stars. Just kidding.

    A 2 year old who look like Ed Sheeran

    Gandalf in a body of an infant

    Why this kid look like Mrs. Doubtfire

    This is what happens when you only watch movies of Danny DeVito, while you are pregnant

    Well would you look at that, Jay Z in a kid, or a kid in Jay z, what the hell

    Now this is weird, Vin Diesel as a child

    A literal spitting image of Jamie Oliver

    John Legend, and another legend that looks like Grammy winner legend but is not legend

    This kid thinks he is a member of a Royal Family, well he should as you can see


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    Epic Perfectly Timed Photos!

    There is something magical about a scene captured at just the right moment. Join us as we take a tour through some of the most captivating photos ever taken

    A refreshing dunk in the pool. Doesn’t that look refreshing?

    The flexibility that yoga gives you is truly astonishing. The perfect back bend shown in this photo really displays this girl’s assets.

    Even more flexibility! That is some pose right there combining extreme dexterity with impressive strength. I’m sure the rest of the people at the pool were amazed by this.

    A truly impressive feat of plastic surgery. While her back might be super flexible, her chest isn’t moving at all. And to class it up even more she’s doing it in ridiculously high heels. Nicely done.

    Another perfectly captured moment. The look of fury on this girl’s face is completely understandable – no one likes to be groped by a stranger. But take a closer look at the photo – the guy she’s mad at behind her is not the perpetrator. The offending arm belongs to someone in the background. Oops.

    Sometimes when taking a photo what’s happening in the background is a lot more interesting than what’s immediately in front of the camera. Did the photographer know he was capturing this moment or did he see it later? Either way, this is a classic perfectly timed photo.

    Nothing like a little water to cool you down on a hot day. Drink the water? Nah, better to pour it on yourself. Don’t you feel refreshed now? I know I do

    Synchronized swimming requires endurance, strength and, apparently, a high threshold for pain. I’m not sure this position was done on purpose, but it doesn’t look like the woman on top was expecting a foot to be there. It may look goofy at times, but synchronized swimming is one tough sport.

    A beautiful girl in a dress walking down the street when a gust of wind comes by. At times like these even a priest can’t help but stare. This is a wonderful example of a beautiful background (likely Italy) with a captivating subject.

    Did she forget to wear pants? No, it’s just an innocent optical illusion. It’s two friends at a bar and the one in the foreground has her legs crossed. What makes the photo even better is the expressions on both of their faces. The one in the background looks proud to be showing off her bits.

    A lovely romantic moment at the beach, staring off into the crashing waves. What could possibly ruin this scene? Oh yeah, a wayward dog deciding to mark his territory at this very spot. A truly unforgettable day.

    From the looks of this photo, grabbing the wedding bouquet after it’s thrown has turned into a blood sport. The fierce looks on these ladies’ faces are priceless. Just watch out for the little girl in the corner.

    That’s what we call hard-nosed defense. If you can’t stop the bigger guy from dunking on you, at least slow him down by sticking a finger up his nose. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt.

    This looks like a scene out of a blockbuster movie, but it’s in fact real life. As the huge storm clouds descend, this little truck is moving as fast as it can to get out of the way. Thrilling!

    Does this bride have a human torso with horse legs? No, it’s just a voluminous wedding dress that creates a hilarious optical illusion. That being said, I’m still wondering why the bride is on a horse and the groom is walking.

    Does this bride have a human torso with horse legs? No, it’s just a voluminous wedding dress that creates a hilarious optical illusion. That being said, I’m still wondering why the bride is on a horse and the groom is walking.

    When losing weight, we all have to start somewhere. This gal is clearly working hard to get into shape, but I’m not sure her skinny friend is really helping. Is the friend yelling encouraging words? I’d like to hope so.

    Just another snowy day when a bikini-glad girl does a backflip off of a boat. I don’t know where this photo was taken or what exactly is going on here, but everyone seems to be having fun. Everyone, that is, except for the emo girl with the plaid jacket on the left. Not impressed in the least.

    Yoga does give you superb flexibility, but this much? No, it’s an illusion created by the framing of the photo and the flattened focus which makes everything appear on the same plane. The woman’s head actually belongs to the body in the back row.

    Get out of the way! This epically timed photo captures the moment right before the bat collides with this poor man’s jaw. I don’t know why he didn’t at least put his hands up to protect himself. Even grandma in the row in front of him had the good sense to do that.

    Women’s soccer can brutal. You can get kicked, shoved, and even have your head twisted around in pursuit of the ball. Don’t let anyone tell you that women’s soccer is not just tough as men’s soccer – this photo clearly proves otherwise.

    Grandpa – what have you done? Someone please take away his keys right now. Gramps actually looks pretty proud of rolling the car. I love how someone is climbing through the door on the top to rescue whoever is inside while grandpa poses for a photo. All kinda wrong.

    Did these guys coordinate on wearing these jerseys? Did they stand next to each other on purpose? Who knows, but the girl in back of them is certainly having fun with the moment. She just better hope neither guy turns around. Excellent example of the photo bomb!

    You may be the most powerful man on earth, but even that pales in comparison to the power of a beautiful woman. After all, President Obama is still a man and sometimes men can’t help themselves. France’s former President Sarkosy seems to be appreciative as well.

    Didn’t you know that dogs can photobomb too? The one in the background looks positively crazed. The girl seems completely unaware of what’s going on behind her – texting is a powerful thing


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    Paul Walker’s Daughter Is Not A Kid Anymore. This Is What She Says About Her Father’s Death Now

    Back in 2013, the entire entertainment fraternity was in dismay because of the sad and untimely demise of Paul Walker. Needless to say, he was a legend and was loved by millions all over the world.

    Back then, his daughter was only 15 but now, she is all grown up and is honoring her father’s name in a really beautiful way.

    #4 Meadow Walker

    Paul was living with his daughter for almost 2 years before his death and Meadow was only 15 during the time of her father’s death. Losing a parent can be terrible in any age specially if you are in your teens.

    She’s big and is taking up giant projects now. One such project is ‘The Paul Walker Foundation’.

    Keep reading ahead to know more about The Paul Walker Foundation.

    #3 His Passion

    The most important purpose of this foundation is to honor Walker’s passion for the ocean, rescuing the animals and helping people. Meadow, somehow is struggling to make her father immortal by working on things he was passionate about.

    Paul Walker was a proud member of The Board of Directors of The Billfish Foundation and participated in the ‘Shark Men’ expedition on the National Geographic Channel. He simply loved such adventures.

    #2 This Foundation

    Walker has always been in news for reaching out to people who are in need of help. Right from travelling to Chile to support the victims of the 8.8 magnitude Earthquake to helping out people in Hawaii when the earthquake hit the place, he was there for everyone.

    The Paul Walker Foundation led by Meadow Walker encourages people to help the ones in need. The foundation also looks after the less fortunate people.

    #1 The Grown Up Meadow

    The grown up Meadow is definitely very mature and making her Dad proud. With the Paul Walker Foundation, Meadow is awarding all those who have contributed to the community. The award also includes scholarships.

    All I can say is that this is the best way to keep Paul always around us. Well done Meadow!


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    9 People It’s Hard to Believe Actually Exist

    We live in a strange world. We come across many things and people that amaze us, and we often can’t believe they are actually as they are.

    At Bright Side, we were excited to create a list of some truly amazing people from around the world. They have set world records for just being who they are! Don’t miss an impressive bonus at the end of the article!

    1. A unicorn woman?

    Do you have a black mole on your body? Just try and keep track of it because Liang Xiuzhen from Sichuan, China, had something rare happen with a small mole on her head. It grew into a big horn-like shape and measured 5″ (12.7 cm) in length and a little over 2″ (5.1 cm) in diameter.

    Although doctors weren’t able to find a permanent cure for it, science does have an explanation as to what it is. These are Cutaneous horns, which are types of keratinous skin tumors. Their cause is uncertain, and the treatment is done through chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy.

    2. This girl’s body was fully covered in tattoos.

    Known by the name “The Illustrated Lady,” this is Julia Gnuse. She had 95% of her body covered with tattoos, including her face. Born in the US in 1955, she developed a disease called porphyria in her mid-30s, which led to the formation of blisters on her body. To hide the scars, she took to tattooing, and it gradually turned into her passion.

    She passed away in 2016. However, her name is still intact in the Guinness World Records for being the most tattooed girl.

    3. Say, “Hi!” to the Big Mouth.

    The picture might look animated or Photoshopped, but it’s not. Meet Francisco Domingo Joaquim, who has the nickname “Jaw of Awe.” His rubbery mouth is 6.69″ (17.5 cm) wide, and he can easily tuck a can of cola inside it.

    He was declared the man with the largest mouth by Guinness World Records after they searched for him for 2 years. We wonder if that big a mouth should have been visible on Google Maps?

    4. This girl has X-ray vision.

    Natalya “Natasha” Nikolayevna Demkina claims to have X-ray vision. This Russian girl came into the limelight when she started doing medical diagnoses as she could see through a person’s body and see their organs and tissues. She has been doing this since the age of 10.

    She also appeared on the Discovery Channel to show her talent and is working for the Center of Special Diagnostics of Natalya Demkina. Their aim is to offer cures by associating with “experts possessing unusual abilities, folk healers, and professionals of traditional medicine.”

    5. 90% of his body is covered in hair.

    He is the hairiest man on Earth and has no qualms about it. Yu Zhenhuan is another record holder with Guinness World Records for being the hairiest man on Earth. A rock singer by profession, this man from China has 96% of his body covered in hair and has 41 hairs per square centimeter of his skin.

    For now, he is facing competition as 2 Mexicans have claimed to have more hair on their bodies than him.

    6. You may envy her waist size.

    She wore a corset every day without fail for 3 years. The result was that her waist size came down from 25″ (63.5 cm) to a mere 16″ (40.1 cm). This is Michele Koebke from Germany, and she is working hard to get the top spot in the smallest waist competition.

    Despite developing a severe medical condition where she is not able to stand up without wearing a corset because of her atrophied muscles, she is looking forward to slimming down her waist even further to 14″ (35.6 cm).

    7. This man can dip his bare hands into boiling hot oil.

    The pain is unbearable even if a drop of hot oil falls on your hand. But when you meet Ram Babu from India’s Uttar Pradesh, it will stun you to see him dip his bare hands into boiling hot oil at a temperature of 200°C (392°F). Try finding a blister or burn on his hands — you will fail.

    This man with rock-hard hands has a food stall where he does deep frying with his hands daily. Many doctors have approached him to find out the secret behind his magical hands but got nothing. He discovered his skill accidentally one day when, due to a heavy rush of customers, he decided to use his hands instead of a spatula to give out orders more quickly.

    8. This man has the longest mustache.

    The proud owner of the longest mustache is Ram Singh Chauhan from India. His mustache measures 14 ft (4.29 m), as measured on the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on March 4, 2010. This took his name onto the list with Guinness World Records.

    9. The shortest man ever!

    Chandra Dangi passed away, but his record is still intact for the shortest man ever. Hailing from Nepal, he was a primordial dwarf, a medical condition that leads to an early death. However, the strong-willed Chandra lived until the age of 75. He was 21.5″ (54.6 cm) tall and weighed just 31 lb 15.52 oz (14.5 kg).

    So, after seeing all these unbelievable people, do you trust this picture below?

    This one is actually Photoshopped. But do you really think tall people don’t exist, and it’s always a Photoshop job? You are wrong for sure. Let us take you through some of the tallest people in recorded history, both living and dead. As per current statistics, Robert Wadlow was the tallest man from the United States. He lived from 1918 to 1940 with a height of 8′ 11.1″ (272 cm).

    The tallest man alive is Sultan Kösen from Turkey, measuring 8′ 2.8″ (251 cm). Extremely tall people generally suffer from hormonal diseases, which is the chief reason for their long height and shorter lives.

    But we also want to share some pictures of ladies who are just a bit taller than average and still look very impressive.

    This is Holly Burt, a model and the chief contender for the longest legs in America. The above pair of legs, which are 49.5″ (124.5 cm) long (no lies here), belong to this 6′ 5″ (196.5 cm) model. Bullied at school for her long legs, she surpassed all lewd comments and stands tall…literally!

    The above picture is of Chase Kennedy, a California-based model who has a claim to the longest legs in the world. Her legs are 51″ (129.5 cm) long, and she is 6′ 4″ (193 cm) tall. She was also bullied at school for her height, but she didn’t let it bring her down and grew up to be a confident girl who plans to work as an event coordinator for a brewery.

    And they have a good sense of humor when they make memes of their own height!

    Do you know of any unusual and interesting human who left you amazed? Help us make them popular too by sharing information about them in the comments below.


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    2 Surprising Things About Jason Statham You Didn’t Know

    There are hundreds of stars that dangle in limelight, whom we admire and adore.

    Most of those celebrities hide their inspiring stories behind their smiling glamorous faces.

    But whether they wish it or not, we get to know about their pasts and their struggles to reach where they are now.

    Jason Statham is one of the actors who is known for being a high-action star.

    All those action and fight scenes from his movies will make you a fan of his excellent work.

    Well, his life wasn’t that much easier as it appears now and we’ll talk about it later in the article.

    He has done everything and that’s what made him a real good action hero.

    He is fast just like a car. Here are some really shocking facts about his life that will make you curious about him. let’s have a look.

    1) He began his career working as a street seller.

    He used to work as a street seller with his father in London.

    2) He worked as a model before getting into acting.