According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here Is The Best Weight Loss Strategy For You

Weight loss is an extremely personal thing. Everyone has a different body so different type of exercises and workout regimes work for them. Your astrological sign is highly a personal thing as well. A professional astrologer, Donna Page, has concluded the best weight loss methods for each different sign. He said:  “If something isn’t connected to what you like or your personality, you’ll dump it.”

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So, here are some of the best strategies given for your signs which will help you in losing weight:

12. ARIES:

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An indoor-cycling exercise is one of the best exercise for you if your sign is Aries. And for diet, go for DASH diet or Mind diet. Try out these simple tips and you will be astonished by the progress your body will make.


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Weight loss is like a marathon. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, the best exercises for your body are barre and yoga. An advanced pilates class is also good for you. Try to eat in moderation. Set your goals and start working hard to achieve them.


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If you are fat and your zodiac sign is Gemini, you need to hit the gym as soon as possible. Convince a couple of friends to come with you. And then never miss out your regular sessions.

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Swimming is a great way to shed those extra kilos from your body if you are a Cancerian. Hire a personal trainer, talk with him and try to find out which machines are going to work for you the most. Go for weight watchers for a healthy diet.

8. LEO:

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If your zodiac sign is Leo, your body is all about dancing. That is what it requires the most to become fit. Join some Zomba class or join some dance teaching class from tomorrow.

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Try out new dishes for your diet but just make sure they must be healthy.


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Virgos generally crave a fully set routine. And once you are done doing that start doing an indoor cycling exercise at your gym. Try to eat as much your daily calorie count allows you to eat. And if you will do so you will observe wonders in your body.


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Librarians are all about being socially active. You have a long list of friends. Call them up and go to a nearby gym of yours. Try out zumba or even barre. Try to be more artistic with your workouts and you will love doing them.


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Scorpions always look out for some sort of competition. Challenge yourself on the elliptical, stairmaster and on the treadmill. If you want to do some sort of outdoor exercise, go for cycling or running. Keep your calorie in check and you will never go out of shape.


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Sagittarius is all about team sports. So, play as many as you like. Along with them include rock climbing, hiking and even biking in your outdoor to-do list. For diet, just choose what is good for you before you start eating.


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Capricorn is made to love the gym. If your zodiac sign is Capricorn, you will love weight lifting.  You will just need a little push to become the best version of yourself. Use your good measuring skills in counting your calories and eat according to it.


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Start playing tennis or join some running club if you are an Aquarian and are looking for ways to lose extra fats from your body. For the diet department, go for diets like MIND, PALEO, and DASH. Do some research regarding this and you will get all the best options for yourself.


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Pisceans crave motivation the most. If your zodiac sign is Pisces you will always look out for some advice from your friends. But the last step is the actual working on that advice. So take that and start acting upon it. Try some water sport like swimming, go for yoga or running if you want a peaceful sort of workout. For your diet, eliminate all the sugar-containing items from your diet.


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