After Insurance Wouldn’t Cover Surgery, Strangers Paid For Man’s Face To Look ‘Normal’ Again

It’s stories like this that remind everyone all of the good that still exists in the world. Lucas was suffering from a large and painful growth that was causing him to experience a great deal of discomfort. Not only did the growth lead to a sizable amount of daily pain from a physical standpoint, he was also forced to suffer through the indignity of not being able to socialize with others.

The facial deformity ruined his self confidence. Strangers on the street did not always treat him in a kind manner. People were scared away from him before they had the chance to even get to know him. They never had the chance to learn more about his kind and wonderful nature. He finally came forward and let the world know that he wished to change his fortunes. The Idaho community where he resides was more than happy to step up to the plate.

He has already undergone a series of surgeries. Can you believe that Lucas has experienced a whopping 24 surgeries since his tenth birthday? He is now 22 years old and thanks to the generous donations of the local townspeople, he is now looking forward to a whole new lifestyle. One of the earlier surgeries had gone wrong and served to worsen his condition.

The doctors let him know that he was going to need additional surgeries once he got older, but he would have to wait for the tumor to cease its growth process first. The young man was forced to live out his high school years with a face that caused many of his peers to ridicule him. His family wanted to help him, but they did not have the money to afford the procedure.

At his wit’s end, Lucas did the only thing that he could do. He made a Go Fund Me page and asked his local neighbors to pitch in. The page has been a smashing success, as Lucas was able to raise $100,000 for the necessary surgery. His dreams of being able to look like all of the normal kids are finally coming true. He still requires an additional $45,000, though.


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