Channel 4 has released Nat Geo’s ISIS Drama ‘The State’, The First Look!

Channel 4 has recently released the first trailer for “The State,” the coming play about young British women and men leaving home to combine ISIS.  The series, from “Wolf Hall” director Peter Kosminsky, will bow on Channel 4 in the U.K. and head on National Geographic worldwide.

The literary story follows Jalal, played by Sam Otto (“Collateral”), as he imitats in his brother’s footsteps and moves to Raqqa, Syria, to fight for Islamic State, alongside his very best friend, Ziyad, played by Ryan McKen (“NW”). In addition, It also follows the journey of Shakira, played by Ony Uhiara (“Law and Order”), a doctor and single mother who wants to assist ISIS, and idealistic teenager Ushna, played by Shavani Seth (“Homeland”), who leaves for Syria after being brainwashed online.

The facts and horror of life in Raqqa have different impressions on each of the four, as the drama plays out over four parts. Kosminsky explained that “The State,” though fictional, is based upon months of research work and is an effort to “address through drama one of the very troubling problems of our era.” The series is made by Archery Pictures.

The Director Kosminsky said: ”ISIS and its disciples have caused pain and suffering the world over,”

It is being the one of the most famous drama of 2017 in Britain and outside, and launches on Channel 4 in August.

Watch the Trailer below:

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