Dad Discovered His Daughter’s Instagram. What He Did Will Make You Laugh So Hard!

Sometimes it looks like it has parents’ mission in life to embarrass their kids.

They say things that they shouldn’t and appear at the incorrect moment while in the wrong places, however they get it done out of love. This can particularly be true on social media as parent’s start learning how vital it is to supervise kids’ social media use to help forbid against misinformation and horrible offenders who lure kids on line.

Dad Chris “Burr” Martin, who is also a comedian and a podcaster, he loves his daughter, but he’s a little bit of a troll, also. When he saw some photos he objected to, he decided to do something more creative to demonstrate his daughter just what he thought.

Some of his daughter ”Cassie’s” selfies showed a little more skin than he approved of. He started recreating himself.

At first, he posted style of the sexy selfies to her wall on Facebook but he finally acquired an Instagram accounts exactly like hers.

Dad’s troll game is turned all the way up.

Although she had been mortified at first, they are currently in on it and he has moved on from mocking the “too-sexy” facets of her photographs into other things that he finds odd, like eyebrow, makeup.

They visit conventions together and discuss their experience going viral on the internet.

Come see us at @lilaccitycon! #selfiedad #selfiedaughter

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It looks like this joyful daddy’s daughter absolutely inherited his sense of comedy.

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