Everything You Needed to Know About the G Spot and Orgasms

One of the greatest mysteries of our time, and perhaps an extremely well-kept secret, is the elusive G-spot. It comes right up there with the Lochness monster and the Holy Grail. Do you have it? Are you sure? Chances are, you are not. When British researchers asked around 1,800 women if they thought they had the G-spot, only 56 percent of them said yes. It is an extremely hot and trending topic between scientists and sexperts who are still arguing to this day if the mythical spot even exists or not.

It is claimed that this erogenous zone or spot can trigger intense pleasure during orgasm, much stronger than any clitoral or vaginal stimulation can even come close to. Wow, yeah! For something that supposedly holds so much pleasure potential, it is a shame that it isn’t as mainstream as it should be.

So what exactly is the G-spot?

It is a super sensitive area or spot located on the inner front wall of the vagina. When stimulated in the right way, it can lead to more intense orgasms than penetrative sex.

Why is it called the G-spot?

It is named after a German gynecologist Dr Ernest Grafenberg who first discovered it in 1944. Considered a controversial topic then and even now at times, it was made a household name by the scientist Beverly Whipple in 1982 with her book The G Spot: And Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality.

Is it just one singular spot?

This is debatable as well. Many believe that it is small, pea-sized rough patch of skin and occurs in a single spot. If you are not properly stimulated you may not be able to find it as the G-spot tends to swell up during foreplay due to a rush in blood. Others argue that it is not a singular spot but rather an area, patch of skin of ‘zone’ if you will have it. Beverly Whipple who is also a Professor emerita at Rutgers University Newark, NJ., says, “… we never stated that the area was an anatomical entity… we said it was an area you can feel through the anterior vaginal wall (the side nearest the belly) not something on the vaginal wall.”

So it’s not a spot then?

Recent discoveries have found out that the external clitoris is part of a much more complex system. Think of the clitoral nub as a wish bone that extends all the way inside the vagina as well with two ‘legs’ on either side. This was discovered during researches carried out on cadavers as well as through MRI of women who were either being self-stimulated or stimulated with a penis. They found out that, “The women experienced pressure against a confluence of structures, all of which make up the G zone.” This new discovery states that orgasms are a result of pressure being applied to these areas scientifically dubbed as CUV (clitorourethro-vaginal area).

So why is it so special again?

“The G-spot has a unique orgasm, which is different from the clitoris. This is due to the fact that the prostate has a different nerve (pelvic) than the clitoris (pudendal), and therefore the G-spot has a different orgasmic sensation,” says Deborah Sundahl, an expert on female ejaculation and author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, “This feeling is one of deep, melting love, and women love it!”

Does every woman have a G-spot or area?

Scientists are still not sure if every single woman has this area of heightened sensitivity but according to sexpert Lou Paget, “Yes, the G-spot exists, but every woman is different. For some it’s an off-the-wall experience and others feel nothing. In the same way that some women have especially sensitive nipples and others don’t.” You won’t know until you find it out yourself. Which brings us to…

How do I find it?

Ah! Here comes the more interesting and the million dollar question. How to find your G-spot or G area to bathe in the glorious, promised ultimate pleasure? We’ll be your heroes and save the day.

  • Start by making sure that your hands are clean and fingernails have been trimmed. You are going to put your fingers in a very sensitive area and it would be for the best if you don’t end up scratching yourself during your little expedition.
  • Put some lubricant on your index or middle finger (or both, yay!) and slowly slide it inside the vagina.
  • Once you have reached the area under the front vaginal wall curve your finger very slightly into a ‘come hither’ gesture and do it back and forth.
  • Your G-spot or area should feel different than the rest of the flesh down there. While most of it would feel soft and plushy, the G-spot will be a slightly ridged and knobbly raised tissue. You should be able to tell it apart because the texture would feel entirely different than the rest of the vagina.
  • Stroking the G-spot slightly and continuously would eventually get you stimulated. G-spot stimulation is characterized by a strong urge to pee but don’t worry, you won’t. If you have doubts, it is always a good idea to empty your bladder before trying out this little experiment.
  • Once you have located it, try different rhythms and pressures until you find the one that works for you.

Eureka! Now what do I do?

  • Get your partner involved

Experts believe that it is easier to locate and stimulate the G-spot once you are aroused and it is ON! Once you are fooling around with your partner, lay down on your back and have him insert his finger. Ask him to feel around as he reaches inside and rub the spot once he’s located it. Pair it with clitoral or nipple stimulation, whatever works best for you, and just go with the flow. We promise, you will want to do this more often!

  • That curve though

Okay, huddle up. Every penis is different and some tend to have a slight curve when erect. Use the curve for your benefit and pleasure. Just imagine that whichever way the curve lies, you want it hitting the G-spot.

  • The Butterfly position

You can also try this wonderful position for better ‘access’ to your G-spot. Lie down on a table or counter but make sure it is comfortable for you. If you are not comfy the magic will not be magical. Lift your legs and place them on his shoulder. Tilt your pelvis upwards so that your back makes a straight angling line towards his crotch. Have him hold your hips with hands to keep you steady while he thrusts.

  • Or you could stand

Is it getting steamy in here or is that just me? Another wonderful position to try out is with you standing in front of a wall or, even better, a mirror with your back towards your guy. Have him insert his penis from behind and work on an angle which is suitable for you both. This position puts his penis straight in line with your G-spot.

  • Doggy style

This is something your man will love doing, no doubt. For maximum access to G-spot, have your guy place his legs on the outside and then continue thrusting. He will be hitting it in no time and better than any other time. Can I say trust us? One.way.ticket.to.the.moon!

  • Use a sex toy!

There, we said it. If you can’t locate it with your fingers, get a vibrator and preferably the one that comes with a little curve to its shape. Once you think you have hit the spot, gently rub the vibrator back and forth over the area. Prepare to orgasm!

What if I can’t feel anything!

First off, don’t panic. Nothing is broken and you are absolutely fine. “You’re not superior if you have a part of your vagina that feels good when touched, and you’re not abnormal if you don’t get turned on by having the G-spot area stimulated – we’re all different,” says sex and relationship psychologist Dr Petra Boynton, “And don’t forget the other areas of the body that turn you on.”

How will I know he’s hitting my spot?

Umm, when it happens, you’ll know girl. You’ll so-oh know! But just in case you are confused here are a few tell-tale signs that your G-spot is open for business:

  • When pressure builds up, you might get the strong urge to pee. Hold in there, you are not going to pee. You are just very, very ‘close’.
  • Touching it will feel so good it will have you saying OMG quite a few dozen times.
  • You will feel a warm and cozy flushed sensation throughout your body and vagina.
  • Many women describe feeling what they call ‘liquid heat’ flow through their entire body.
  • You will experience a more intense and prolonged orgasm than usual.
  • There might be ejaculation as well (yes, we mean your ejaculation and not his) but it is still not proven if G-spot stimulation always causes female ejaculation.


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