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Here Are The Different Views Of Pakistani Celebrities About Imran Khan And Ayesha Gulalai’s Bicker

Ayesha Gulalai is quite the conversation starter nowadays. The politician has immersed herself into possibly the most controversial public affray in Pakistani political history, plus she has pulled Imran Khan with her. In a sudden rush of assertion, Ayesha held a media conference that many claimed was been staged, in an effort to accuse PTI founder Imran-Khan with allegations of sexual harassment.

While the whole country’s awaam has been engulfed into this fight which keeps unraveling itself, Pakistani celebrities and different personalities have too participated in on all the drama.

Mahira chimed in on all the threats flinged toward Ayesha and called out on how they Had Been unimportant.

And acknowledged Imran Khan for his courteous tweet to Prevent people from attacking Ayesha’s sister, who Had Been subject to wildfire-abuse.

Senior anchor Mubasher Lucman interviewed Ayesha and shared his views in a tweet, claiming that the whole fiasco was staged.

While Some Other High profile journalists too condemned the politician’s Inferior attempt to slander PTI

Actress Veena Malik also defend Imran Khan

Singer Jawad Ahmad wrote the whole novel on that matter

And the enthusiastic PTI-supporter Hamza Ali Abbasi too grasped this opportunity to give his opinion on the matter

While respected Fauzia Kasuri firmly stood to support Imran Khan

Some, such as Taimur Rahman of Laal, was greatly dismayed at all the threats Gulalai had been receiving in light of her allegations

And then we’ve Got a Few Folks who chipped in their tweets too

However, did create quite valid points Overall

While everybody is commenting on Gulalai’s matter, actress Meera tweeted that she’s enjoying her holiday in Hollywood

What do you think, what celebrities have to say on these particular circumstance? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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