Here’s The Entire List of Illegal Drugs Adolf Hitler Used To Take Daily

Adolf Hitler was a German politician. He was the ruthless leader of the Nazi Party. Adolf Hitler being a dictator initiated World War II in Europe.

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As the World War II was going on in 1944, the Nazi force started losing all the courage and the faith. Adolf Hitler was the only man whose optimistic approach never faded away. He was very hopeful about the fact that he will win the war. People actually wandered how is that going to happen. But after seeing the optimism of Hitler, they started thinking he might be having a secret weapon hidden in his sleeve which will change the war in his favor at the end. And that is what actually happened. His party actually won the World War II. But there was not a single weapon which was hidden as the people speculated. An author named as Norman Ohler in his book “Blizted: Drugs in Nazi Germany” said that the leader of Nazi party was a blabbering junkie. His veins were completely damaged because of the uncountable opiate injections injected in him at the end of the World War II. Theodore Morell, his personal physician was the one who kept him hooked at the intake of the mixture of a lot of drugs. Here is a list of drugs which were consumed by Adolf Hitler on daily basis:


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Hitler’s drug intake first stage was from 1936-1941. After meeting Theodore Morell in 1936, he was assigned his personal physician in no time. Theodore Morell directed Adolf Hitler that he will never catch even flu and would feel amazing throughout his life. Once he will start taking his prescribed injections. That was the beginning of a new thing for Hilter. The physician injected Hitler with the injections which apparently contained glucose and vitamins in it.

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With the intake of those drugs, Hitler started feeling like a new human being altogether. When he used to get up his head was barely raised, those injections made him revived. He was able to stay awake, having conversations and sitting even in his bed. A 47-page dossier which was compiled after the World War II on the basis of Dr. Theorode Morell’s records and all the eyewitnesses concluded that the injections which were being injected in Hitler actually had Methamphetamine present in them.


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After that, the second stage began in the fall of 1941. At that time the war which was being fought against Russia started taking a bad turn. That was the time when Adolf Hitler started taking injections of animal hormones. In fact, to be more precise, they contained pig liver extracts in them. And surprisingly it actually worked for Hitler.


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Along with that, the injections having steroids were also injected in Adolf Hitler. He was constantly down with fever and diarrhea. The doctors and the physicians gave it the name of Russian flu.


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After the intake of these injections, Adolf Hitler became healthy. He was back for the military briefing the next day on his own feet. These injections are called as doping agents nowadays.


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The third stage of the intake of drugs began in the mid of the summer of 1943. Hitler turned towards more hard and stronger drugs at that time. Hitler had a very important meeting with Italy’s dictator, Benito Mussolini in July 1943. The meeting was held to give encouragement and to resolve the issue of the Italian forces in the World War II. For that meeting, Hitler’s physician Theorode Morell for the very first time gave Hitler half-synthetic opiate known as Eukodal.

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Eukodal is kind of cousin of heroin. But it has a very strong euphoric effect. The dose of Eukodal makes you feel amazingly good. And so same was the case with Adolf Hitler as well. Hilter kept talking during the meeting. In fact, it was reported that Hitler was so high on euphoric that he made Mussolini forget all the issues and stay on the board.


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Hitler was also made to have cocaine over like some 50 occasions. The SS delivered cocaine which was considered as the purest form of cocaine was taken by Adolf Hitler. He did not take it in any mall amount either. He consumed it in a very large amount. In fact, sometimes he used to have a combination of both Eukodal and cocaine together at the same time. It was called as a speedball in the world of drugs.

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Hitler used drugs so that he would be able to stand firm in all his meetings and his all convictions. He went ahead to detach himself from the actual reality. Instead of that, he should have realized the fact that his idea to dominate the world was extremely irrational and so far from reality.


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Amphetamine was also given to Adolf Hitler. Is a stimulant which is usually used to treat deficit disorder. It also acts a fatigue resistance and for the strengthening of the muscles. And Hitler was given amphetamine in larger dose so that his cognitive function would be impaired. Hitler had bipolar disorders before and the intake of amphetamine made it only worse.


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Do you think Adolf Hitler was the Fuehrer of taking drugs? This thing can also be seen in the Nazi Leader meetings. And his health also went down majorly because of the high intake of the cocktail of drugs.


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