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How MS Dhoni Got The Success And Deal With Failures! Watch His Secret In This Video

MS Dhoni has lifted many big Titles for his country which includes:

1. T20 World Cup 2007

2. Commonwealth Bank Tri-series 2008

3. Cricket World Cup 2011

4. Champions Trophy 2013

Tell me the name of any other International Cricket Team captain who won all these Titles for his country and I guarantee you that you will not find anyone.

He born in middle class family and being dragged into cricket. He, in reality, was never destined to become a cricketer however as is superbly stated that fate favors the brave, Dhoni’s fate together with his sheer dedication made him who he is today.

Many books has been published on MS Dhoni and a movie also made on his life story., is there still anything left for us to understand? I say, YES! And after watching this video which talks concerning landmarks, purpose, struggle, decision making, cricket as being a teacher and motivation, you too will agree.

MS Dhoni discusses something unspoken in this video

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