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Leaked Photos Of Priyanka Chopra With This Star Are Too Hot And Adorable

From the Bareilly girl to a Hottest Woman of the Year 2016, her life resembles like more of a fairytale. Grownup as a lady with low self-esteem she’s got broken all of the stereotypes and contains appeared to function as worldwide celebrity. Indeed, you guessed it correctly, we’re chatting about our own Priyanka Chopra.

Our Desi Girl and glamorous Priyanka Chopra will be slaying it at the West, be it movies or fashion statement, she’s winning all of it.  Beginning with seasons of tv show ‘Quantico’, the babe received her very first Hollywood picture Baywatch using Dwayne Johnson and pinpointed the antagonist’s personality such as a master. Applauded for her character, the actress soon obtained her second project ‘A Kid Like Jake’. Now her third movie project is not so romantic. is made to release on 14 th February 2019.

Below are a few pictures of the actress sharing amazing chemistry with her costar, Adam Devine.

Whilst the wait Sounds like an eternity

The celebrity has recently begun shooting to it at central park, New York. The Movie includes Liam Hemsworth like Blake, Adam Devine as her best buddy Josh, Rebel-wilson as both Natalie and Priyanka Chopra as Yoga ambassador Isabella.

However, wait… That really is perhaps not exactly what we have been awaiting! Priyanka seems in big trouble from the next film, also we cannot resist sharing it with her own fans. PeeCee is apparently all uncomfortable!

Oops, there is something got stuck in Priyanka’s throat

Priyanka shoots a scene in the movie at which she’s choked and gasps for breath. What happens next will be well worth watching.

Isn’t it truly romantic?

Adam is trying to help Priyanka who seems choked employing the Heimlich manoeuvre, which is a first aid procedure used to treat upper airway obstructions or choking.

Checkout the video at which both celebrities are sharing the sizzling chemistry!

Oh, was not it real? Was not PeeCee really in big trouble?

Thank God, these were only enacting the job; I simply lost my breath to get a moment later seeing my fav in-trouble!

Here are some more photos from the sets.

Adam is seen holding his co star from the back and the scene shot is perfectly showing their hot chemistry.

The three talented stars appeared to be really into their conversation. Rebel Wilson will play the role of an architect. In the Movie, Natalie works difficult to get seen in her role but is far more likely to be asked to provide coffee and bagels compared to look the Town’s next skyscraper.

In the next picture, Priyanka seems lovely!

Desi girl blows our mind with her seductive charm.

PeeCee and her petite pooch are inseparable.

Looks like Priyanka is having a great time with all of her co-stars. And of course, how can we forget #diariesofdiana!

And now we can’t wait to watch them onscreen!

PeeCee seems damn attractive in her pink cold shoulder dress. The film is directed by Todd Strauss-Shulson, screenplay by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, Katie Silberman and Paula Pell.

Stay tuned for more updates..

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