Man With UK’s Smallest Penis Has Landed The Perfect Job

There’s nothing wrong with a little prick!

At least that what Ant Smith, the man with the UK’s smallest penis wants you to know. However, the slogan is not Smith’s creation, but is actually part of clever blood testing company Thriva’s new campaign.

Thriva has hired Smith, the author of The Small Penis Bible, to be the new face of the company, which is the world’s first preventative health service that allows clients to proactively receive blood testing. People can then send those tests for analysis without ever having to leave their own homes. They are hoping the cheeky word play in their new campaign will attract attention, and so far it seems to be working!

Smith, who is known for his famously small penis, which he has nicknamed “Shorty”, now has his photograph plastered across London billboards. The purpose? Helping to spread the message that anyone can check their blood with a home blood test kit and keep track of their health with just “a little prick”.

With a finger prick blood test, Thriva allows clients to measure vitamin deficiencies, cholesterol, and liver function, and is analyzed by accredited labs. Smith believes his involvement is a good way to spread the message of the importance of preventative health. He believes what counts is “what’s on the inside of the body, not just the outside.”

“It’s something some people are scared of addressing, even if all it takes is a small prick.”

Smith’s claim to fame is his 3.5 inch micro penis. He is a performance poet from Barking, East London, and first received attention for his manhood when he performed a poem revealing its size. He says that since the performance, many men have confided in him that they, too, have the same issue, but have been afraid to speak about it.

Smith, now 50, said he spent thirty years of his life worried about the size of his penis.

“I was teased at school and it made me so self-conscious I didn’t have sex until I was 21. I would get embarrassed if the condom slipped off as my penis was too small to keep it on.”

It was Smith’s wife, a sound recordist named Christine, who assured him that the size of his penis did not matter and did not make him any less of a man. Since then, Smith has embraced his tiny manhood and has become an advocate for men like himself.

He has penned a book, given interviews, and even thrown a “Small Penis Party”.

Smith says he wanted to tackle the issue with humor. His book, The Small Penis Bible, is a self help book that contains real anecdotes and experiences. It also answers questions about penis size anxiety, enlargement, and embracing a small penis lifestyle without shame.

Smith says that having a small penis “isn’t something you can openly discuss with your friends, even though so many men have a hang-up about it.” As a result, he has taken it upon himself to cut through the taboos surrounding the subject and doesn’t mind one tiny bit that he is now the face of men with micro members.

His belief in bringing awareness to important issues through humor made him a perfect fit to work with Thriva and promote their preventative health home blood tests.

He says that “while playful, it’s a serious message,” and all it takes is a little prick.

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