Meet The Self-Professed ‘First Polish Barbie’ Who Has Spent $40,000 On Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very risky business. When you decide to go under the knife purely for cosmetic purposes, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.However, there are still many people who, despite knowing full well what the risks are, will choose to undergo plastic surgery in order to “perfect” their physical appearance.

The tricky thing is, when you undergo one procedure, it’s very easy to become hooked on it and opt for many, many more.Some people go under the knife with the sole aim of replicating a public figure or cultural icon, and will spare no expenses in doing so.

Anella An is a 25-year-old architect and part-time model who claims to be Poland’s first “living Barbie doll” and has spent an eye-watering $40,000 on plastic surgery in order to attain the look.

The self-professed “First Polish Barbie” claims that her decision to undergo the procedures that would ultimately change her appearance irreversibly, was totally “spontaneous”.

According to Anella, she works as a full-time architect and she just sees her Instagram page as a hobby.

Unfortunately for her, many people have slated her on the internet, even going as far as to refer to her as a “monster”.

Anella, who is originally from Poznań in western Poland, stated that her main goal in life is to “maximize her likeness” to the popular plastic doll.

Interestingly, Anella wasn’t always so entranced by Barbie, and it was only later in life that she began to aspire to recreate her body in this way.

She had her first procedure on her nose, and this spiralled into a deep seated obsession which she simply “couldn’t stop”. She then decided to get surgery done on her lips and breasts. And while you might think her extraordinarily tiny waist was also the work of her plastic surgeon, she claims it’s completely natural.In an interview on a TV show in her native country, she insisted that “It came about very spontaneously. It was not planned at all.”

The part-time model then went into further detail about how she became increasingly preoccupied with changing the things she didn’t like about her body:

“Everyone has a complex, even small things like hair or something you have to change, and I said that I would like to improve one thing, for example, my nose. And I did it. Then I thought about nice breasts and I thought why not, and that was the start.”

As it turns out, Anella is something of a hit on Instagram, where she accumulated nearly 40,000 followers in just a few months.And she is under no illusions that she is your average human being, which is perhaps why she has attracted so much online attention. “I like strange, weird, and unique things, maybe because I’m weird,” she admitted.

“I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic,” she added. “People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside.”

Of course, many people believe her love of plastic surgery has way surpassed the realm of acceptable behavior, and has actually become quite unhealthy. However, she insists that it makes her happy, and hopes to one day achieve her dream of becoming a Playboy bunny.

We are sure the late Hugh Hefner would be thrilled at the prospect.

If you think this story is bizarre, you won’t believe what the man known as the “Human Ken Doll” has done to his body over the years:

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