Mother Claims Abortion Is Murder, Shares Photos of Her 14-Week-Old Miscarried Baby

Today we will take you through the journey of a heartbroken mother who tragically lost her baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy. Life comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. But no matter how small or different it is, taking a life is equal to murder. For a pregnant woman, who carries a baby in her own womb, regardless of its development or how small it is, it is still a valuable precious life.

A heartbroken mother shares her own story of how she tragically lost her unborn child and wants to focus on highlighting the importance of life, no matter how small it is.

Let’s dive in and try to focus and learn from her experience as we take a look at her journey through this terrible experience of loss.


A grief-stricken mother, Felicia Cash, had recently experienced a miscarriage on 24th July. She shared pictures of her 14-week-old miscarried fetus on social media to spread awareness regarding abortion. In this concern, she stated that aborting a child is equivalent to murder. She emphasizes that regardless of size, only the woman holding a baby inside her womb can understand the value of life than anyone else—a life that deserves to be embraced rather than aborted.

This spring, Felicia, and her husband were expecting a baby yet again. It was her third pregnancy, and this time she conceived a twin embryo. She stated that it was a critical one and problems started to arise from the sixth week. As doctors don’t see pregnant women with a fetus younger than 8-9 weeks, therefore, they hadn’t been to a physician until she started bleeding.

It made them rush to the hospital where they discovered that they had lost one of the two embryos. The doctor told them that the other one seemed to be healthier than the one who died. When bleeding didn’t stop, they were informed that it was due to the miscarried embryo.

Felicia informed Live Action News: “We had not seen a doctor at that point yet; they don’t usually want to see you until you are eight or nine weeks. So I went into the hospital, bleeding, in fear of miscarriage. They did an ultrasound and told us that we had lost one of two, but that the second baby looked healthy and vigorous. We had other scares when the bleeding started again and again but was told it was just due to the first loss and a hematoma beneath the placenta.”

It was Monday morning when Felicia started to bleed slowly and eventually had immense pains. She asked her husband to come home as early as possible but time couldn’t wait. Her water broke, and she gave birth to her dead little son, Japeth Peace, in her own hands. He was only 14 weeks and six days old.

“Monday morning, I had more bleeding and then pain. It happened very suddenly. I told my husband he needed to come home from work — only a 20-minute drive — but before he could get here, my water broke and within 10 minutes I had delivered my tiny son into my own hands. … Japeth Peace Cash was born the morning of July 24th at 8:30, at home.” –told heartbroken Felicia.

Baby Japeth Peace was born at 14 weeks and 6 days. Unfortunately, he was delivered into her own mothers hands and could not survive. Felicia Cash took pictures of the stillborn, posted them on social media, and raised awareness against abortion and to share her own journey of loss in parenthood. According to her own beliefs, life is precious, regardless of how small it is and even at just three-and-half-months gestation, a child is not just “a cluster of cells,” “a lump of tissue”, or “a blob of unformed flesh” but is a precious life.

Felicia Cash after losing her fourteen week old baby Japeth Peace started running an online campaign trying to inform people about abortion and spread awareness about it all. She described her 14 weeks old baby as: “He is perfectly and wonderfully formed, right down to his amazing tiny toes and fingers.

Even his fingernails are formed and visible. Tiny veins that carried his own blood to his precious body can be seen through his delicate skin, even his wonderfully formed muscles are visible. At less than half gestation he is very obviously human, not a cluster of cells, not a lump of tissue, not a blob of unformed flesh……..”

Felicia didn’t want Japeth’s life to get wasted. Therefore, she decided to let the world know how “obviously human” an embryo becomes within weeks of pregnancy. And, how mothers planning to abort their unborn babies think that they aren’t alive. However, life starts even before one gets to know about pregnancy.

In her post on Facebook, she uploaded some heart-wrenching pictures of her little 14-weeks-old son along with an alarming message. Her aim was to spread awareness regarding the fact that abortion is nothing but only a murder.

She wanted those women who were planning for abortion to reconsider their decision. By showing Japeth’s pictures, she made them realize that even a 14-weeks-old fetus is a developed human and not only a flesh or a group of cells anymore.

Losing your child is an experience no mother wants to go through, anyone would do a lot and go a long way to preserve the sanctity of a human life. Felicia Cash just wants people to consider that every life matters. Holding her tiny baby, who was all of 14 weeks and six days old Cash was taken with how developed the young boy was.

It was not easy to take pictures of her stillborn baby and share her experience on social media. But she took this bold and brave step because she wanted the world to know what it meant to lose a life. What it means to lose something so precious and then later on regret in life. She is just one of the many mothers who go through miscarriages after complications with their pregnancy. Her post was meant to show people a real, tangible example of what exactly a human being looks like at the earliest of stages in life.

The pictures further revealed that Japeth had taken the shape of a human being—his veins, muscles, and even fingernails were quite apparent. That was the reason she wanted the world to know that abortion must not be taken lightly. One must prefer other options over it, such as, gifting the unwanted baby to the ones who need it. Moreover, Felicia insisted on reaching out to the right places i.e. foster homes—where millions are deprived of this blessing. She was very much optimistic that this awareness could save the life of at least one child.

“As a final plea, if you are considering abortion, please take time to find the truth and reconsider. This is not an effort to shame, belittle, or condemn anyone in any way. It is the plea of a woman who just lost her child for you to at least consider other options.”

—she added towards the end of her post. Felicia also said that she’s empathetic to those who had gone through the same pain and stated that the love for your lost ones never goes wasted. On top of that, she was grateful to God that she could share Japeth’s valuable life.

This heartbroken mother has made us realize the importance of human life. How most of us don’t pay attention to this delicate matter and take it very lightly. She also tried to teach us that one must not take blessings of God for granted. Learn to embrace them or donate if you are blessed excessively!


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