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Read How Quaid-E-Azam Screwed Up His Enemies Who Tried To Defame His Name By Using A Woman

Once upon a time Quaid-e-Azam was traveling in a train while his opponents ploted a plan to slander him. They asked Quaid e Azam to make a lady travel with him. They said she is a party worker and she didn’t have some money for traveling. Quaid-e-Azam said she is like my sister, so that I might cover for her travel expenses but those propagandists wanted her to traveling together at exactly the same cottage.

Somehow they persuaded him to let her traveling at exactly the same cottage by saying she’d be safer traveling together with him. Any way, he lit his cigar up and began reading a book. At the next stop, the lady ran out and began crying that Quaid tried to rape her.

The exact group of propagandists showed up and started yelling that Quaid e Azam was a rapist. Quaid e Azam came arrived of his cabin and he stated, if I strove to rape her then I had to put my cigar down and its ash would be broken off. My whole cigar’s ash is still undamaged. Now you people tell me how could I try to rape her if there is a cigar having its full-length ash unbroken in my one hand.

Whenever the corrupt mafia can’t buy an honest and genuine person they try to destroy his reputation by these type of dirty tactics. But, they forget that if Allah wills not, no one can harm.

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