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Real Hulk-Man Exists And He Looks More Muscular Compared To Animated Version

Many of us have grown up watching animated personalities and have always wished to meet with them. Carrying the same fascination as to how would they look in real life, we were taken to Disney land or entertainment parks where there were people wearing props like those personalities. They were very best at their tasks and almost made us believe that the real Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck was standing in front of us. Even though, it was never true because they never existed in real life.

We realized this as we grew up and had admitted the fact that the animated characters never become a reality. But, imagine if, now I tell you there certainly exists a Hulk or Hercules in the actual life and is a resident of Iran. As unexpected as it sounds for you, I was also astonished after reading about him. Afterwards I had to believe in this because this guy who has got the name of Hulk is real and i reckon you must also know about this man.

‘Persian Hercules’

The fictional super heroes of Hollywood cannot just be seen in movies just because this person exists in real life too. Meet Sajad Gharibi, 25, who’s actually a resident of Iran made sure that in a world where it is all about someone’s presence on social media, he gained his name in the virtual world. Continue reading to know all about him.

175 kilograms

The man who got the name of Persian Hercules isn’t a joke since the guy can lift nearly 175 Kgs when he weighs merely 155.5 Kg. Sajad become famous in the realm of social media once he begun to post his photos on the picture sharing platform Instagram and now he has more than 302k followers.

Iranian professional powerlifter.

Aside from having an internet sensation, he continues to get involved in bodybuilding contests representing his country.

No diet or advice

It is a general way followed by people connected to the world of bodybuilding that they frequently make posts related to the diet that they follow or the such methods which people can build a body like them. The person who compared to the fictional superhero doesn’t rely on following this trend as he instead posts photos of is gigantic build.

Most bodybuilders only dream

Combination of English and Farsi

At a video on Instagram Sajad talks in Farsi, “I have always said and will say that I will be a soldier for my country,” and says he appears into becoming the head of the Quds Force, a special forces unit of Iran

He favors writing in Farsi within their own Instagram articles but uses the English language whilst writing hash tags.

Threatening body!

Though few people aim to develop a body like that, others also get scared as a result of the heavy build. In addition, it also appears that he got a very small neck, but that’s because a hunch is there on his back due to the shoulder and back muscles protruding.

Friends and family say differently

A body like this has nothing to do with a person being nice or rude attitude. His family believes that he is a really very sweet and kind hearted person.

Some hashtags

#strongman #strongbody #big #mucsles and #powerful are the hashtags the Persian Hercules uses with his shirtless photos to astonished all of his followers.

Posing with smaller objects

Sajad also likes to project just how big he is when posting photos with objects which appear much tinier when he is holding them. Much Like the pictured Red Bull can.

Not always shirtless

The religious pose

Well, it is not all about bodybuilding and weight lifting, you can see that he keeps busy himself in some prayers to God too.

Another one for comparison’s sake.

If you had been wondering just how do you look while standing beside him, then see this , how small a man with standard body looks like compared to him.

With a boxing bag

As you can see a boxing bag looks very small when he holds it in his hands. Its look like a small kid, isn’t it?

This is how he looked…

Sajad posted this picture on his Instagram post that shows how tremendously huge he has grown in the recent years.

Home Alone

When you are at home alone and have to eat fruit salad for lunch

A post shared by iranian hulk official 🇮🇷 (@sajadgharibiofficial) on

You may call this as one of the extraordinary pictures since as previously mentioned, he does not share publically his diet programs plans or workout regimes. In the Last, this is really how much he eats in his lunch when he’s alone.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more interesting stories.

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