Sexual Assault Claims Made Against Patrick Swayze

Patrick Wayne Swayze was an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. He became popular by playing the role of tough guy and male teen heartthrob back in the late 80’s and 90’s. His roles in Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Point Break skyrocketed him to stardom.

It was back in 1991 when People magazine labeled Patrick as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ Unfortunately, the famous actor passed away in September of 2009 at the age of 57 from pancreatic cancer.

However, recent allegations made by Michele Mahone point to a potentially darker side of Patrick.

Michele Mahone is a radio presenter, former ‘Today Show’ presenter, and a stand-up comedian. She recently came forth via social media to allege that Patrick had forcefully kissed her.

Michele, who was working as a Disney makeup artist at the time, alleged that Patrick grabbed her, and then kissed her with such force that it left her mouth hurting.

Michele claims that after an interview where Patrick spoke glowingly about his wife, Lisa Niemi, he grabbed her by the waist and started kissing her.

She said: ‘Patrick Swayze came in for an interview, and the whole time all he did was talk about how fantastic his wife was. At the end of his interview, I asked him if he wanted his make-up removed.’

‘I went back to the room, and put my left hand up to lift his fringe off his face, while I removed his makeup with my right hand. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in and started kissing me.’

She continued: ‘I was completely shocked. He wouldn’t let go. His hand moved behind my head, and it was a really forceful kiss.’

Michele said that after she pushed his shoulder off of her she felt like she had been assaulted that it was akin to ‘a drunk in the bar grabbing [her] out of nowhere.’

She goes on: ‘I was shaken. I was trembling. It was like an uncle grabbing you and kissing you. I was appalled because he just said how much he loved his wife. I felt violated. My mouth hurt. I was in absolute shock.’

Michele said that she packed her things up hoping that by the time she finished everyone would be gone. But when she was done everyone was still in the lobby so that’s when she decided to speak to the producer.

‘I pulled the producer (who was a woman) aside. I told her how he kissed me, and she asked if it had happened before. I said no, but they never hired me again. I called two or three weeks later, then again a month and two months later and I never heard from them again.’

Michele believes that Disney intentionally chose not to hire her again because of fear of a potential lawsuit.

‘He was on a pedestal. He was Mr. Clean. Everyone saw him as one of the good guys, but he was a fricking pig. But who would’ve believed me?’


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