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Starving Puppy Was All Bones After Having No Food For 2 Weeks, Makes Incredible Recovery

From time to time we hear about the cruel nature of residents of this world. They make you lose all hope in humanity but then again we can’t keep on looking at the world with same glasses as there are some people in this world with the sole purpose of restoring hope in humanity. Today Born Realist brings you one such story.

This case is about a hopeless puppy who was brought to an animal rescue center in Granada. The puppy was in terrible condition, starving to the bones. You could actually see her skeleton through her skin. On top of that what more worrying thing for the volunteers at the shelter was that her organs were failing and she couldn’t stand or walk because of weak muscles making them lose hope.

As you know there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, just like that there was still some hope for that puppy. It was all because of the angel like Eduardo Rodriguez, the owner of the shelter. She simply decided to try till the very end instead of giving up on the poor creature.

She named the poor puppy Barilla Spaghetti seeing her thin physique. On contacting vet, he told Eduardo that there are chances that she won’t make it but still Eduardo refused to give up. According to Eduardo, Spaghetti’s situation was so bad.

“She’d been so starved of food and water when we took her she could move her head and tail. She didn’t have any muscle mass. I’ve been rescuing dogs since I was a child and I’m used to seeing them in a bad way but I’ve never seen an animal in such a terrible state as Barilla. The vet said we were lucky we got her when we did because she might not have survived another night. We put her on a drip for six hours before we started feeding her. We made her a type of harness to help her walk so she could gain muscle mass because she couldn’t support her own weight.”

When Spaghetti was brought to the shelter she only weighed 16 pounds and was constantly on drip so that her organs don’t fail. At that time she could only slightly move her head and wag her tail. But at the end it was her will to live that got her better. After few days she made enough recovery to stand or drink water on her own.

According to the guess of people at shelter, Spaghetti might have been starved or locked up since she was born. After some more time she made enough recovery to eat from a basket near her, where she could eat without standing up. And then eventually she started eating 5 to 6 times a day and stand as well all because of the staff at the shelter.

After the time period of seven weeks, Spaghetti eventually made full recovery. This was a miracle as even the vet said her chances of survival were thin. According to Eduardo, she might have eaten more food in seven weeks than she did in the past 10 months.

After her recovery, Eduardo got so attached that she adopted her.

“Her will to live was amazing and I felt a connection with her at the moment I saw her. We’re inseparable now. She’s so intelligent and obedient. The first day I saw her I told my colleagues I was going to keep her and that’s the way it’s been.”

Now Spaghetti lives with Eduardo, wife and 14 years old daughter along with 5 more dogs. People like Eduardo makes our heart warm and tell that there’s always good around us so we should still have some faith in humanity.


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