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Student’s Prank Teacher To Call Mia Khalifa’s Name During Roll-Call And It’s Hilarious

School may be challenging for some people. It could be really tough to fit in with most of the others. You get picked on if you are somewhat different. People today call you a variety of names.

Some of them not so flattering. They neglect you at times leaving you in full isolation. The hardest part is people prank you at the silliest way. At times you do understand in the event that you have been pranked at all. All you notice is people laughing at you.

Oh in case you didn’t reckoned already, I was talking about the teachers:

This teacher was on the receiving a hilarious prank

Seems to be an upstanding guy who is just trying to do his job. I mean just look at him. It is the face of a person who’s trying his best at turning good for nothing children right into respectful adults.

But it seems that he hasn’t attained much success in this mission of his. The guy’s students are miles off from turning right into respectful adults.

So basically the students added a particular person’s name in the attendance register

For those of you who don’t know who Mia Khalifa is, here is a picture of her

Still doesn’t ring any bells?

Well she’s a renowned social networking celebrity who often does promotions for various brands on avenues such as Instagram. You may also have found her in numerous memes now and then. Additionally, she had a brief career as pornographic actress.

Anyway, back to the ”Bechara Teacher” That does Not even realize what Exactly happened

Either the guy does not know who Mia Khalifa is or he is simply pretending to become aloof so that nobody would question his character. There might also be a possibility that a student of his is named Mia Khalifa. Or even better Could Be the Mia Khalifa. Presume we will never know.

If you ever did a prank with your teachers please let us know in comments. Don’t forget to share this with your buddies..

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