Ten Deadly Sexual Accidents

Embarrassing ways to go out

Getting it on is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are countless ways to derive sexual pleasure, from a simple touch of the hand to grand, hedonistic orgies (like in Eyes Wide Shut). There are countless people around the world with kinks who crave sexual experimentation. Some of these thrill seekers push it to the limit… to their deaths. Of course, these individuals didn’t know that a certain act would kill them going into it, but these fatal stories should be a warning to those who get off from doing extreme sexual things.

So use condoms, get tested, and maybe Google whatever off-beat thing you wanna try before you do it.


Sergey Tuganov, 28, was a Russian man who made a bet that would result in his death in 2009.

Two women said that he wouldn’t be able to get them off during a 12-hour long threesome. You’d think a half-day marathon of sex would be a reward enough, but they offered him $4,300 as well.

To help, he chugged a bottle of Viagra and went to pound town. He amazingly won the bet, but minutes later dropped dead of a heart attack.

Horsin’ Around

Kenneth Pinyan wasn’t a dumb guy. In fact, he was an engineer for Boeing. His stressful job often caused him to blow of steam in a very unconventional manner.

He liked to visit a farm with horses, so he could have sex with the male horses. He liked to be anally penetrated by their larger-than-human members.

In 2005, one of the stallions went too deep and perforated Kenneth’s colon. For whatever reason, he did not seek immediate medical help, so he passed away from complications.

Because of his death, bestiality is now a felony in Washington state, punishable by up to five years in prison.


Twenty-nine-year-old Kirsten Taylor of Craley, Pennsylvania, died from electrocution in 2008. Her husband, Toby, said it was from her hair dryer, but it was from something way more kinky.

Toby later fessed up that the two were into “weird sexual behaviors.” What really killed Kirsten was the electric clamps her put on her nipples. The issue was that he plugged them into a power strip, which he turned off and on a few times before she died.

Toby was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

A Lot of Blood

Attila the Hun was one interesting guy. Through all his conquering and ruling, he had many wives.

Though there are many theories, his death happened during one of his honeymoons. Supposedly, he broke his nose during the consummation, which caused hemorrhaging.


Chelsea Tumbleston and Brent Tyler, both 21, died in 2007 in South Carolina. The two coworkers were having sex on the roof of a building. For some reason… The couple picked a building with a slanted roof and not flat one.

It had recently rained, so it was slippery, so the pair fell 50 feet, both dying.


Austrian lovers Reinhard Wallecker and Stefanie Tanzer died together in 2009. Being 18 and 17, respectively, they needed somewhere to go to release those teenage hormones. Since Reinhard’s parents were home, the pair slipped into the garage for some car sex.

It was cold, so they turned the car on so they could run the heat. The problem was that the garage door was closed. You’ve probably seen enough movies to know what happens when you do that…

They both died from carbon monoxide poisoning.


In 2013, a woman named Sharai Mawera was mauled and killed by a lion in Zimbabwe during intercourse.

She was going at it with her boyfriend, who managed to escape, in their regular outdoor spot. After the lion pounced, he fled, wearing only a condom, to seek help.

Home Alone

Montreal firefighter Patrick Deschatelets, 46, accidentally killed his girlfriend before they even got to the sex part. The pair were into S&M, role-playing, and other kinks.

The girlfriend allegedly agreed to be bound in chains with her feet restrained and a metal collar around her neck. Patrick had told her he was just stepping out to get some stuff for dinner.

The woman passed out from fatigue, slumped forward, and was choked by the metal collar.


Fourty-nine-year-old Ohio man Sam Mozzola wanted to be bound to his bed with handcuffs, padlocks, chains, and a gimp mask. He was also wearing a metal sphere that covered his entire head.

Reports are inconclusive about what happened between then and choking to death on a dildo.

Playing Too Rough

The Condor Club in San Francisco, CA is the first topless bar. It also had this cool baby grand piano on hydraulics, so it could be raised to the ceiling.

In 1983, the club’s bouncer Jimmy Ferrozzo and his girlfriend, a dancer at the club, were having sex on said piano. Somehow the hydraulics were engaged. Jimmy was crushed to death while his girlfriend was pinned underneath him for hours until the janitor arrived the next morning.


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