The Real Age Of This Fitness Freak Guy Would Make Every Girl Go Crazy For Him

Who likes growing old, really? Besides when you’re a kid and assume that growing up is the final solution to all of your issues but go bless the poor souls who grow up to realize that growing up is only a trap! It’s better to remain a child and far from the worldly race of survival.

Even as adults, we all strive to look younger than we are and simply wish if we could stop aging so that our perfect body and face won’t change but do you know? Pawel Ladziak, commonly known as Polish Viking from Poland, wants the contrary of this. The man has tried all his best on trying to look older than his real age!

Here, have a look to know his story.

Meet Pawel Ladziak

Pawel Ladziak has the body builder physique and his white hair style makes him the most dapper old boy you’d find in your town.

Confused! Is He 30 or 60?

Whoever saw him got confused with his age. And no doubt, this misjudgment makes him very happy given how hard he has worked for that astonishing physique.

His Physique Before and After

Many individuals often mistake this 35-year-old for a man who must be somewhere in his 60s and why not, it simply looks obvious.

Ladziak spends a lot of money to change his naturally dark hair and beard into bright white, in order to keep himself well classified from other muscled guys and his online fan following.

Pawel with his wife

Relaxing Saturday. Oh yeahh… 😎👫☉ @magda_m_108 😘

A post shared by Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

This charming couple took Instagram by storm when their pictures streamed the online surface. Although, due to Pawel’s white hair, a lot of people mistakenly considered the lady in the photo is his daughter.

Something funny yet terrifying

Pawel’s white hair even provoked and led few Internet Detectives questioning about his marriage with wife, Magda.

Well, What a Pose!

While a few men try protecting even the last strands of that naturally dark hair, this man is flaunting gray superior to anybody!

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