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There’s Reasons Everybody’s Talking About This Female. She is Definitely Remarkable

There's Reasons Everybody's Talking About This Female. She is Definitely Remarkable

Over the course of America’s Got Talent’s 12-year-run, America has gotten to wide selection of tear-jerking performances out of ordinary folks seeking to make it big, but none of them  are quite as inspiring as Harvey’s. Stepping out onto the stage prior to the judges, she shared the story of how a connective tissue disease forced her nerves to deteriorate, causing her to go deaf at the age of 18.

Harvey has had a passion of singing since she was four years age, and when her situation left her unable to continue doing what she loved, she stopped music altogether. After feeling like an integral part of her had been lost, Harvey made her choice to work with her fantasies no matter what it required. Using only muscle memory, sensations of the beat, along with visual tuners, Harvey made a successful return to music since she stepped on the platform bare foot to have that the vibrations.

Harvey chose to audition with an original song, “Try.” Her story may have you cheering..

After listening her song, when judges announced their decision, Simon Cowell had been quick to press the golden buzzer, which guaranteed Harvey a place in the live rounds of the competition.

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