These 10 Things Will Decide The Future Of Your Love Relationship

So you are Planning to get married to your love one? Are you really sure about it? Will the marriage sustain?

Well, these are the doubts and uncertain thoughts that do cross our mind when we plan to get married. And why won’t they, marriage is really among the main decisions we take in our own lives.

Read below to be certain you’re deciding and choosing the right life partner.

Do you trust your partner?

A balanced, healthy and a beautiful relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. If your partner trusts you and you also do exactly the very same, then go for it. Don’t hold back!

You both share mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Respect, admiration, appreciation, and recognition are the core qualities that really leads to making  a strong relationship . If your partner has respect for you, they’ll really make efforts to blossom your relationship.

Sex should not the parameter to measure love.

Lust and love are different feelings! Lots of people consider love to be what happens in the bedroom. Without a doubt it’s vital but it is a small part of real love. Real love is unconditional attraction, compassion and togetherness towards each other.

After 20 years from now, will you both still be together?

Living in the present time is good, but whenever you think about marriage, always think about your future. Would you see your future together with your partner? If so, proceed with it!

Your partner should be your best friend!

If your partner is your very best friend, there’s not anything better than this. As a best friend, you realize one another’s weaknesses, insecurities, and dark sides.

You are not afraid having a conversation or fight.

Transparency and clarity of thought would be the 2 major factors for a balanced relationship. Every couple has a fight and it is extremely normal but bear in mind that fights should never drive you apart.

You complete each other.

Nobody is ideal, not you nor your partner. Accept each other together with flaws weaknesses and insecurities.

You connect at a much deeper level.

Sex does not define a strong connection. A strong connection is when you look in the eyes of your lover and you immediately know that he/she is the one I would like to get old with.

Self-respect and self-esteem always comes first.

Any kind of abuse, be it physical emotional or psychological shouldn’t be acknowledged. In case you marry someone who does not honor you, then you will not ever be happy. Bear in mind, your body and soul deserves to be respected and acknowledged.

Marriage is for eternity and beyond!

In case you and your partner are on precisely the exact same page there’s nothing better than that. If your partner loves you and you have exactly the same, go with the flow.

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