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These Brutal and Honest Posters Show Our Addiction To Technology

“Yeah, it’s good that restaurant has fine food, the flavor is perfect but can there be a free wifi!” That is what we ask mostly, today, it is not more than a nightmare for us if one day that our mobiles are not with us. We’re so addicted and dependent on technology that we can’t live without the Internet, for a entire one-day.

Tech has taken over life in such a way that it’s impossible to stay away from smartphones internet, social media and games. Being a part of this modern world we have the awareness of latest things and hottest news that goes viral via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more media sources.

We’ve found the images which are brutally honest shows that our dependence on social media and technology.

This Phobia is commonly identified in the Facebook freaks

The Selfieholics

Candy Crush Fears

Nightmares that we generally face

Very essential to take notes “Smart Phones”

And that’s how we Look with the opinions

Google is now everything totally.

WiFi necessity, that’s all we want

This Generation

Breaking Heart

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