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These Indians Sang National Anthem Of Pakistan And They Won The Hearts Of Pakistanis

When it comes to Pakistan and India, there is always some nease & stress between us. We all are are very much aware how both of the nations go insane on cricket field or  on the border of war now and then when it comes to matter of politics. But here and now, both of us keep on accomplishing something decent for each other which make us have faith in hope for peace (aman kee asha). Like when Virat Kohli sent a gift for Shahid Afridi’s foundation OR when Indians sing our National Anthem.

The video begins with wishing Pakistan a ‘Happy Birthday’ and a peaceful message saying that they are dedicating this song to Pakistanis

Vox Chord is an Indian Acapella group who basically create music with utilizing any instrument. They’re behind this amazing video.

They illustrate to the audience what Pakistan’s national anthem means… *goosebumps*

Their version of our national anthem will leave you in smiling tears and make you trust that with regards to music , it has no boundary. You can channel your emotions with this form of out even when there’s so much wrath and prejudice.

It seems like the singers were truly feeling it while singing our national anthem. :’)

Pakistanis are pouring their heart out and thanking them for such a lovely gift.

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And they want love to prevail between the both countries.

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People are also acknowledging Vox Chord for putting in so much emotions while singing it.

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And Pakistanis are thinking of ideas to respond this warm, fuzzy gesture.

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All you need is love, folks

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Thank you for being such nice neighbors and giving us such a delightful gift in such grave circumstances, Indian bros

You can watch the complete video here and have your hearts stolen, too

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