This Dog Felt So Lonely That He Escaped The Yard To Hug His Very Best Friend

Audi resides on the opposite side of this street by Messy. As the dog’s owner is gone to work for long hours every day, the pooch becomes nervous and lonely. That’s when Messy steps in.

“When [Audi] feels lonely and yells, I ask my pet to visit and keep in touch with him,” Oranit told The Dodo. “My dog just looks from my fence and sometime he barks to [AudiI actually don’t understand what they’re conveying, but he quits yelling”

Recently Audi got a opportunity to thank Messy because of his friendship and reveal how much he means to him. The Husky escaped, as his owner forgot to latch the gate – and guess who he ran to say ‘hello’ to’hello’ to? Messy, Obviously!

“He ran to my dog and they hugged each other,” Oranit stated. The woman also took a photo of this tender moment.

The picture is definitely going viral, because it’s just too pure for the world. friends, in the event that you ever feel down, just take a look at this photo and remember — the world is filled with love.

Meet Messy a real friend not only for his human, but for one isolated doggie named Audi, too

I always tell my dog to company [Audi] whenever he is sad and feels lonely

Recently the Husky escaped to thanks and hug Messy for his true and sincere friendship

Their owners are currently making arrangements in order the 2 may spend more time together

What a Fantastic Boy Messy Will Be Always to teach us a lesson or two about the importance of being there for someone

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