Top Best Websites To Find Series And Movie Suggestions

Have you just completed a TV series or movie and you need more much like it? Or even you need to find movie suggestions or even similar TV shows, we shall tell you some.

We’ve all been there before. We end watching many seasons of our favorite T.V show and then it ends, abandoning us with nothing else to watch. Here, the list below have the solution that you’ve been looking for. Go to these sites and make sure to add them to your bookmarks, they are precious resources to find movie suggestions and similar series online!

#1. MoreMoviesLike

MoreMoviesLike is one of the best places to find similar movies online. Whether you are looking for the best action movies, thrillers or comedies, you will find it all here and many more. Also, ”MoreMoviesLike” shares a lot of useful information i.e. the release year of the movie, the featured actors and a brief description of each movie listed.

#2. Similar Shows

Similar Shows an incredible site to discover shows like the ones you already love. This site has a simple and easy interface. Just write the name of a favorite show inside the search bar and discover similar shows or you have a choice to hit the ‘’surprise me‘’ button to find something new to enjoy. If you do not find the show you want to search for click on ‘’suggest a show‘’ and send in your ideas. Each page will provide you a small and perfect list of recommendations, and the embedded links save you the trouble of finding it yourself. Additionally, you have to sign up with the mailing list to get the latest updates of your favorite series.

#3. TasteKid

Tastekid is another website to find movie suggestions and show recommendations that are much like the ones you already watch. In the search bar simply write the name of series and a list will appear with ideas of new shows. Each title is usually included a trailer and you can see it has a Like and Dislike rating system too. Tastekid also contains recommendations for similar movies, books, and music.

#4. Jinni

Jinni is a site popular for finding TV show recommendations. Jinni narrows down the field by letting you search for sub-genres, such as plots, time periods and even moods. This site discovers similar shows that you already have watched and implore to a pinpoint aspect of it for its suggestions.

#5. Suggest a Show

Another outstanding place to find movie recommendation and suggestions or to find similar shows. You enter a keyword in the search bar and you will get recommendations for shows that you should watch next. SuggestAShow makes lengthy lists so that you are sure to find something that will give you the desire to go to the next. Furthermore, on this site you can also search in a recommendation category, a best ever category, and a similar shows category.

#6. ReelRundown

If you’re looking for a site for both recommendations and chat, then ReelRundown is for you. ReelRundown is a place to discuss and talk everything about television shows to celebrities. And this site for searching similar shows also has its own category for similar movies and series.

Which website you liked the most to find your favorite movies and Series? Let us know in comments and don’t forget to share this article with your buddies.

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