Tumbler Posts Explain In Depth How Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends

Relationship abuse is a real problem and many people understand that. However, they usually think it applies to something like a black eye or a broken nose. Psychological abuse is abuse too. We might think, those little comments don’t hurt but they can leave much more horrible scars than physical abuse. However, people have started to become more aware of relationship abuse.

But, people usually point the finger at the guy as he is the one in the wrong. Most people only see the signs of physical abuse. Emotional abuse usually goes unnoticed. You don’t see girls going to jail for emotional abuse, do you.? But, you can see plenty of guys going to jail for physical abuse.  A Tumblr user understood this problem. That’s why they posted about the abuse many guys go through every day.

You might even have a friend that is going through this right in front of your eyes.  But, you might have just ignored it by laughing. This is no laughing matter, however, and can leave long-term scars.

Their post soon went viral as many people started sharing the post. Some even related to it. It has almost 290k notes so far and still growing. People are sharing it everywhere, as to shed some light on the very real problem that many guys go through. Some girls might have done some things on this list without even realizing it. And, If you did then its time to stop and apologize. We usually just ignore the emotional abuse inflicted on guys by saying ‘ He is a guy, he’ll be fine.’ Or, we might even look at it as funny antics. All the while if that happened to a girl. The same people would do something about it.

Many people started to add more points as to what these teen girls do. The post just keeps on growing. As it should be.


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