Woman Destroys Dude Who Thought Being A Jerk Can Help In Getting Laid

He sure was wrong!

If you’ve ever watched ‘Silicon Valley,’ you’ll be familiar with the term ‘negging,’ which was so perfectly explained by Erlich Bachman in a single sentence. For those who’re not familiar with the term, well, it is a tactic which involves undermining the counter-party’s confidence so as to get into their pants. And yes, vulgarity intended.

Anyway, getting back to negging, it is quite obvious that the technique involves being a total jerk, which, as you’d probably agree to, is probably not the best thing to be. But, not everyone agrees, and one of them is this guy that we feature in this story, who got absolutely destroyed when he tried negging his way into getting laid.

And it is hilarious! Check it out!

Kat Havoc

Kat Havoc, a comedian, recently shared a screenshot of a conversation with a guy who was trying to neg her.

Sounds about right?

So here’s the conversation she shared…

And here comes her brutal response!

And that’s not the only creep she destroyed!

She definitely is savage!

She knows how to play the game!

And definitely knows how to keep it hot!

And that’s just keepin’ it real!

Don’t mess with women!

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