World’s Top 10 Largest Stadiums by Capacity

1. Rungando Stadium, North Korea

Constructed in 1989, the stadium of north-korea houses a lot more than 150,000 people in almost a single day.

To get two-day event on the eve of both Championship Wrestling along with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the stadium made a record presence of 150,000 and 190,000 respectively.

2. Salt Lake Stadium, India

This stadium was built in 1984 and renewed recently in 2011. The seating capacity is raised to accommodate 120,000 spectators. It is the 2nd largest football stadium in the whole world and the biggest in India. Back in 1997, over 137,000 audiences have observed the Federation Cup Semi Final soccer match between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal teams.

3. Michigan Stadium, USA

Stadium was Constructed in 1927 at a cost of about $1.4 million plus has a seating capacity of over 113,000.

4. Beaver Stadium, USA

Beaver Stadium Situated in Pennsylvania, this is one of the oldest stadiums in the US.

It has the capacity of maximum 110,753 audiences.

5. Estadio Azteca, Mexico

This famous and iconic football stadium in the world can be found at a suburban area in Mexico city Constructed in 1996 being able of 80000 and after renovation, it’s capacity of over 105,000 visitors.

6. Ohio Stadium, USA

The Ohio Stadium has capacity of 104,000 viewers. And it is also known as ‘Horse Shoe’ or just ‘Shoe’.

7. Kyle Field Stadium, USA

This soccer stadium was built in 1927, in Texas A&M University campus, Texas. It is the home of Aggie Football team of Texas A&M and it has a seating capacity of 102,500 people.

8. Neyland Stadium, USA

Named after the Tennessee College football coach, Robert Neyland has a capacity for 102,000 visitors.

9. Tiger Stadium, USA

It is built in Louisiana, USA in 1924 with a small capacity of 12000. However, after renovations, the capacity was increased to 101,000

10. Darell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium

This stadium was built in 1924. After undergoing various renovations, the stadium can now have the volume of more than 100,000 visitors.

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